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Studio Day and Groupons

 So today is my studio day. I'll be working on my Solstice cards (again, if you want one and haven't sent me a private message with your addy, please do so. I send them all over the world.)

I have errands today that will take me all over town, but most of them will be rather fun. I have a Groupon for breakfast, and I'll have enough left over with it to get a couple of muffins for my co-workers, so that will be fun. I also want to turn in another Groupon that I have to a local baker - they make WONDERFUL things. So good!

There is a craft show going on near my house. I went to it last year and they had some very nice things that were reasonably priced, so I want to check them out again. And I have a third Groupon to an artist's supply warehouse that I want to use either today or next week. I can't resist a bargain for something that brings me such joy - watercolor paints, brushes, maybe the colored sketchbook that I've been looking for...the possibilities are endless. And the deal was excellent!

But it is very important that I get back home and work on my cards as well as my repair and I need to get Iris' next chapter betaed out. I have a quick icon project to pull together for my Game of Thrones Challenge group in other words, it will be a usual day off - no sitting around for me - LOL. Enjoy your Wednesday!

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As it turns out, my Manager is sick with stomach flu today so I am working for him today and, hopefully, he will be recovered enough that I can take tomorrow off instead. But I did get quite a few of my errands completed already, so in essence I'm ahead of the game - LOL.

Thanks for the hugses, I send one back to you and the lovely, wiggly Pip.

- Erulisse (one L)
Your Groupons sound so much better than ours, which are mainly half price haircuts and massages.
I'm pretty picky about what I will buy on Groupon - usually food items or art supplies. We've had Groupon for a longer time than you, I suspect, and I'm sure that your offers will increase as businesses get more accustomed to the idea of offering it. We actually have several different companies, offering similar deals, Groupon is the one I am most familiar with, but my friend also subscribes to two other ones.

- Erulisse (one L)