engarian (engarian) wrote,

Studio Day and Groupons

 So today is my studio day. I'll be working on my Solstice cards (again, if you want one and haven't sent me a private message with your addy, please do so. I send them all over the world.)

I have errands today that will take me all over town, but most of them will be rather fun. I have a Groupon for breakfast, and I'll have enough left over with it to get a couple of muffins for my co-workers, so that will be fun. I also want to turn in another Groupon that I have to a local baker - they make WONDERFUL things. So good!

There is a craft show going on near my house. I went to it last year and they had some very nice things that were reasonably priced, so I want to check them out again. And I have a third Groupon to an artist's supply warehouse that I want to use either today or next week. I can't resist a bargain for something that brings me such joy - watercolor paints, brushes, maybe the colored sketchbook that I've been looking for...the possibilities are endless. And the deal was excellent!

But it is very important that I get back home and work on my cards as well as my repair and I need to get Iris' next chapter betaed out. I have a quick icon project to pull together for my Game of Thrones Challenge group in other words, it will be a usual day off - no sitting around for me - LOL. Enjoy your Wednesday!

Tags: errands, studio day, writing

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