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Pie and Schedules

The movie last night was great fun, and we followed that up with dinner at Baker's Square (Asian Chicken Salad for me) and we all brought home pie for dessert. I paid for Chickie's dinner as part of her birthday gift, and because it was her birthday, her pie was free! Score!

I worked hard on "Exile" yesterday and think I've almost got it nailed. Just in time for my next prompt which is starting to coalesce in my little brain :-) I'm seriously debating calling my sister-in-law and begging off on Turkey Day with the family. I know my DH really wanted a day for ourselves, and I also agree that getting together with the family is a total zoo (too many nieces and nephews and their assorted spouses and children running around - but cute - but a zoo). I'll discuss it again with him later and see. I'm kindof leaning towards being anti-social and cooking a turkey of our own. We always enjoy a quiet day before our holiday season kicks into high gear.

We decided that this year we would do a sale on Black Friday, a different sale on the following Saturday and start working Sundays beginning right after Thanksgiving. At least that means I'll only have to work six-days a week for four weeks, but it still sucks. I have a lot of Email addresses to get entered for my mailing list, so I'll be keyboarding like crazy. Darn! It's going to cut into my writing time! I wish you a day filled with Light and Creativity.
There is a lot to be said for spending special days just to yourselves sometimes.
Tomorrow is my studio day, and even though my errand list is long as usual, I'm still looking forward to some serious "me" time :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
Last year, instead of going up to MI to see family, we stayed home. First time we've enjoyed Thanksgiving in years. So I say go for it.
I am seriously thinking about pulling out of the entire "family" thing. I think we deserve a day of total relaxation (of course, the turkey and I would be communing, but I could get some writing down between running upstairs to baste the bird) - LOL.

- Erulisse (one L)
Sometimes it is good to be anti-social - especially if it is the only day you will get off.