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Psyched for the Week Ahead

I like starting my week on a high note, and I'm very up for the upcoming week because I got a lot done yesterday and already this morning. And I'll have a chance to see the sunrise again because we're back onto standard time. It's hard to argue with a positive attitude - LOL.

took full advantage of my extra hour on Sunday and slept almost 12 hours - VERY unusual for me. But I guess I needed it :-) Then I worked on my latest story for a bit, put some graphics together for my latest Game of Thrones Challenge piece that was due today, and then played LOTRO for several hours. (Those of you that I usually play with on Imladris server won't see me for quite a while because we're working on our main characters on Firefoot since the cap has finally been raised to 75.) After finally succeeding in the goal of getting one more trait that I can slot, we decided on Broasted Chicken for dinner, along with cole slaw and lemon cake. Heavenly.

And tonight Chickie and I will go to see Puss 'N Boots. I'm really looking forward to a nice, fun night with Chickie and Chickie Mama. We'll probably grab a quick dinner after the movie and then return home. Fun! Have a wonderful Monday!!!!
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It's rare for me to sleep more than eight hours, even when I can, so this was something that my body must really have needed.

Yeah, I love the kitty pics also - looking forward to the movie VERY much.

- Erulisse (one L)
Occasionally, I sleep for a really long stretch - I always think I must have needed it. Sometimes 7 hours is not enough.

Enjoy Puss 'N Boots :D

Thanks Binky. One of my customers saw it over the weekend and said it was very cute.

- Erulisse (one L)