engarian (engarian) wrote,

Finally Friday

Although my Saturdays are actually my Friday....OK, let me digress and explain a bit here. I work on Saturdays, therefore they are actually what most people would call their Friday. Now...back on track.

So, even though my Saturdays are actually my Friday, I plan to enjoy today. Of course, I plan the same thing every day, waking up in the morning and being amazed and pleased that I can spend another day writing, talking with people, meeting creative minds in my shop, and generally talking either in person or through printed words to people throughout the world. What a wonderful thing! I love it. So, I am going to embrace today, because I think a Friday in early November should be embraced and enjoyed.

I have a story in the works that is undergoing it's umpteenth "comb it with fine teeth" look-through. I'm a tinkerer, and I've learned a lot over the months of putting stories up to be looked at by my friends and acquaintences at my writers board (waving to my LC friends here). I have started learning what to look for in a good story and have tried to incorporate that into my writing. I have revised this one several times already, and thought I had it ready to pass on last night, but started reading it again. *sigh*. No, it's not ready to pass on yet. It still needs some more red pen (or use of the delete key in my case). So I will continue to edit it tonight and it will be the stronger for it. I'm very grateful for all of the lessons, LC friends. Very grateful indeed!

What will you do to bring a smile to someone today? It could be as easy as giving someone a hug, or maybe a piece of chocolate, or maybe carrying a bag for them, opening a door for them, or telling them that their dress/shirt/jewelry is lovely. But do it. Bring a smile to someone today because each smile brightens our all-too-dark universe :-)
Tags: attitude, sunrise, writing

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