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Solstice Cards...Do You Want One?

I actually got a lot done yesterday. I finished up my "Feast" story, now I need to get a quick beta on it, but that's not a problem. I did get some work done on my repair, although not as much as I had hoped. I got a chapter done for my writing friend in Germany, and did my errands, etc.

I cut quite a few cards with the new blades that I had received. I'm having all sorts of problems with the design I chose, though. It is very detailed, and it just isn't cutting through well. The blades get micro-pieces of paper kicked up into them and get filled with impacted paper fragments. These used to be cleaned out by unscrewing a collet around the blade. The new blades, however, are permanently sealed into an adjustable housing which is ratcheted from one depth to another. These can't be unscrewed to dump the paper buildup. I got 10 cuts from one blade and then switched to another which I had to spend a huge amount of time cleaning after each cut. My goal was 50 cards. I have made less than 20 in three studio days of trying. I can cut some at work because the program is also on my laptop, but I'm not very happy with the progress of my cards right now. I'll solve this, and my cards will be sent out on time (or close to). Each card will be sent with something special - I have several things that I've been planning throughout the year for my cards this year.

SO....Here's the deal. If you want a Solstice Card from me this year, and you're a member of my F-List, send me a personal message with your mailing address and I'll put you onto my mailing list. When I reach the max that I either can make or have time to make, I'll switch to store-purchased cards, but those are usually pretty nice too. Long-time friends and family members don't have to worry about contacting me...I know who you are amd I know where you live - LOL.
Tags: attitude, solstice, studio day, success

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