engarian (engarian) wrote,

All Souls Day

Finishing up the triad of days that celebrate the dead, today is All Souls Day.

The Catholic Church, in it's heavy-handed way, had decided to move All Saints Day (which was celebrated yesterday with Dia de la Muerte) from March to the beginning of November to help offset the pagan celebration of Samhain. But the church was always focused on the high, and rarely acknowledged those teeming masses that allowed them to celebrate mass in a filled church, collect lots of great stuff and allowed them to build some of the most marvelous architectural structures in the world. They began to allow cracks in their armour when they established All Souls Day. Today is a celebration for ALL of the dead - all of them, not just the Saints or highly placed people. So, today, think back on those who made a difference in your life and acknowledge their actions. You are a better person because of their influence and perhaps they were also enriched by you.

Today is also my studio day. As usual, I will be starting out with breakfast and a list of errands. But when I get home, I'll set up my Silhouette with a new blade, and continue making my Solstice Cards. Hopefully I'll get some good results today, I need some increased speed in the making of these... I will also try to continue working on a repair that I promised by Thanksgiving because I have one more repair hanging in the wings, and with my "spare" time I also have one story to beta and three others to write... I guess I'll be busy trying to be creative. Life could be SO much worse.

So, hug your children today, talk to an elder, phone your parents and tell them how important they were in your life. Touch another person in some way. Both of you will be enriched by the interaction. Goddess bless!
Tags: attitude, planning, positive thinking, repair, silhouette, solstice, studio day

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