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Happy Birthday, Ignoble Bard

Well, we'll see if the TOS allows your pic to stay up long enough to take a peek at it - LOL. Definitely NSFW.

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I saw it! What a thoughtful birthday present. Though it doesn't look like there's room for me in there. lol

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! :-)
LOL - Now that created a very interesting mind movie indeed :-) Ignoble Bard as a sandwich....

- Erulisse (one L)
Celebrate your birthday happily and unwisely. You can be wise again tomorrow :-)
I didn't do anything too unwise but I had a great time. Thanks again for the well wishes. :-)
I don't think LJ would have a problem at all - but Photobucket - ah, now that's a different thing!
Photobucket will indeed pull this for hurting their TOS. I'll try and pull it myself tomorrow before they eventually kick me off totally because I use Photobucket a lot. I wish there was a good alternative that was a bit more open about pics, but....

- Erulisse (one L)