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Good Samhain to All

 Today is All Hallow's Eve, or Halloween. The East Coast has gotten buried by an unseasonal snow storm (so happy that it is over there instead of here in the Midwest) and some towns are postponing Halloweed celebrations until Friday! Wow. I can visualize some very cold covens celebrating in the woods tonight.

Samhain is a time when the lines blur between the living and the dead. Probably NOT a good time to go and see Paranormal Activity 3, which I've heard is extremely scary. I've always wondered why spirits would want to be bothered staying around here. There is a whole universe to explore after death, it's got to be a real trip!

So, as you eat your Halloween candy and watch Ghost Hunters Live tonight between answering the door bells in your homes to costumed folk of all ages, remember those who have walked before us. They still have lessons to teach us and if we learn them, then maybe they can continue on into the Light. Good Samhain to all of you.
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