engarian (engarian) wrote,

A Sunny Fall Day

I don't want to go to work today. I'm involved in trying to wrap up my "Feast" story which finally got legs and started running well. I also have my nose glued to my NookColor reading "The Enchantment of Flesh and Spirit: The First Book of the Wraeththu Chronicles" which I am absolutely devouring.

Yesterday I got to spend some time with a really interesting artist. We've been helping him by designing and making some equipment for his installation at Harvard University. He'll be flying out to Boston on Monday to begin the work. It features slumped glass suspended independently from the ceiling and the difficulties of getting each piece suspended kept us occupied. It sounds like a great installation, I wish I was closer to be able to look at it. I'm still chasing some supplies down for him, I'll be talking with him on Monday when I've managed to source the last items.

It's customers like this that make running this business worthwhile for us. The challenges from out of the field, the brilliance in some of our customers, we feed off that and it makes all of us enjoy what we are doing. The more creativity that walks through our doors, the better. I hope you have a creative weekend so that the world gets fed with a bit more joy.
Tags: creativity, reading

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