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Remembering Summer

Today, on a gloomy, cloudy, and cold Autumn day, my thoughts were pulled back to mid-August and the fun times we had at Irish Faire. Irish Faire is an annual three-day event put on in Saint Paul. Admission is free, the vendors are marvelous, and the activities and musical groups are the best.

It seems hard to believe that we were sweltering out there, looking at Celtic harps and dancing and listening to the High Kings. So I submit two different you-tube videos for your watching enjoyment. The first one is of Irish Faire in general, the second one is a performance of Step It Out Mary by the High Kings of Ireland (if you are interested in a recording, the song is on their first album). I love Irish Faire...

And the video of the High Kings in performance...

Hopefully these transferred correctly and you can all enjoy a nice, hot and wonderful Summer day with me.

Tags: irish faire, summer

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