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TV Fun

OK, I admit that I am a reality show junkie since the first season of Survivor. But the type of reality show I watch is NOT the Housewives-style of crap, nor the dancing/singing competitions. I like fun ones. And as an artist, I'm delighted that "Work of Art" has started its second season.

I started watching this last year and fell in love. Every challenge I would try and think about how I would approach it, what I would make. If you're interested in watching this one, it's on Wednesday nights (I watch it later in the week with on-demand because of a schedule conflict). Give it a try, it's fun.

Other reality shows that I love to watch are "Top Shot" which just wrapped up on Tuesday and "Project Runway" which concludes its current competition tonight. It will be followed by a half-hour new show called "Project Accessory". I'm looking forward to this one because it focuses on products that I carry in my shop - beads, leather, metalworking supplies and equipment - so my clientelle may get excited by the show and want to make some of the items that will be made by the competitors. It's new, so I have no idea how much I will like it, but I'm sure I will. Then, Project Runway will begin their "All Stars" competition soon and I'm REALLY looking forward to that one - some great competitors that I remember fondly from previous seasons. Yeah - I'm a reality TV junkie, and happy!

I was able to spend some quality time yesterday working on my Solstice cards. I have a lot of work still to do, but it's a start. I'll have to see if I can update my laptop with the software and maybe get some of the cutting done at the shop also. The only problem is that it is a memory hog and I can't write while I am cutting. Bummer!
I love "Top Shot", "Work of Art" and "Project Runway" as well. I rarely watch 'regular' TV shows, but love these competitions.
I look at the challenges and allow my own creativity to work on how I would do at them. My mother was a talented seamstress, so I have worked with fashion most of my life, and of course I have considered myself a multi-media artist for many years. I haven't picked up a gun for a long time, but I know how and I admire the precision involved. Loved it that Dustin pulled off the win - the one total amateur in the group. Fun!

- Erulisse (one L)
Dustin was awesome! It's like the Olympics, where you reach such a high level of proficiency that you want to test yourself against your peers.
I remember watching the last two episodes of Survivor when it was on here in the UK about 10 years ago. It was entertaining, at least the contestants had to make an effort instead of just bitching about. I've also watched episodes of The Apprentice, sometimes. But I don't watch much TV, most of the time I don't even know what programs are on. I don't even know if the ones you mention are available here.
Survivor is the only mainstream reality show that I still watch. The human interaction and sociological games that get played between the people trying to advance in the game is fascination to the anthropologist in me :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
I enjoy from Popstar to Opera Star which we have here. Work of art sounds good fun as I like art though I cannot create any.
Now that sounds interesting, but since my DH can't hear well, I doubt that he would enjoy it very much. The designing shows appeal to him because they are visual and work well with his captioning.

- Erulisse (one L)
I don't own a TV so if it doesn't make it to DVD or Netflix (which reality shows of any stripe usually don't) I don't get to see them. Your description makes me think that is a shame, in this case!

Btw: I don't know if you offer solstice cards to fandom friends, but if you are creating it I would love one. Or if that is presumptuous, which I completely understand, I'd love to see an electronic version at some point posted here.
It is not presumptuous at all. I'll be sending out a call to my f-list within a week, but you can certainly get ahead of them all. Just send me your name and addy in a message and I'll add you to my Solstice card list.

- Erulisse (one L)