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Progress and Thoughts

So last week I wrote about the difficulty of choosing a recipie for a story that dealt with food and how trying that could be to someone like me - someone who doesn't cook. But I persevered, and with the help of friends, found some recipies that would work, going on to try and write the story.

That resulted in dead end after dead end. Finally I shifted area, time, characters and situation and came up with something that I think will be a lot of fun. At least I'm having fun writing it. And, thank the Powers, it is not turning out to be long like my murder mystery was.

Last night I got the prompt for this week's drabble, Rapture, and I'll have fun with this one. I already see the scene in my mind, and I can easily continue on in my Exploration of the Dark Side with this prompt. I love it when things work smoothly. (Not intending to insult anyone's personal beliefs with the pic, just thought it was funny.)

So I should be able to finish my first draft of my "Feast" story this morning after my breakfast oatmeal and reading time, and work on my drabble. Today will be a fun writing day. Yee-haw!
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