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Paperwork and Hoops To Jump Through

We had a meeting with our accountant last night for our personal income taxes. While DH sat next to me fussing and organizing his paperwork, I went through the stack I had prepared one-by-one with Paul, handing him the receipts for banking, specialized accounts, charitable donations (all mine, of course), and other detail paperwork. I handed over my stack and I was done. DH was still organizing. But he got things together quickly, handed Paul the rest of the paperwork - investment information, his own banking information, etc., and then we were done. Easy, peasy. We got back home and the chicken I had taken from the oven just before we left was still toasty warm.

The IRS pushed back the filing dates for corporations
and now have also pushed back the filing date for
personal income tax returns. Will the state follow suit?
It would certainly make things easier, but we're
already almost ready to file anyway.

The IRS has pushed back their deadline for income tax filing. Of course, we have no idea if our state has also decided to follow the federal change. All too often the state does what it wants, despite or in spite of the federal guidelines. But, at least we're ready to go.

I like my local appliance store, generally they have
pretty good people working there. This repair has
been dragging out, however, because of snafus and
mix-ups on both our ends. We're working to get
things back on track and I hope I'll have a repaired
dryer by the beginning of April, or sooner.

I also finally talked to someone intelligent enough at my appliance store, to follow the numbers with me and come up with a total still owed for my dryer repair. We both, independently, came up with the same dollar amount, so bravo for us. I authorized it, paid the remainder, and as soon as the two additional parts come in, we'll get the repair scheduled. I estimate I'll have 1-2 more weeks of laundromat trips - NOT my favorite thing at all, but I've met some interesting people and had some fun conversations while folding my dried clothing.

I like my local laundromat. I've met some very interesting
people over the weeks that I've been going there, and a
few times, it's been almost empty. Yesterday, however,
it was hopping. I still got my favorite dryer, though.

The past few days, Dreamwidth hasn't been reposting to LifeJournal, so I've had to actually copy and paste to get my daily posting up in both locations. I do hope they get that cleared up soon, it's a bit of a PITA to have to do the extra work. Of course, I'm not going to skip posting in both locations, I have on-line friends who only read in one or the other place, friends I value and enjoy commentary from.

I'm not as fond of Dreamwidth as I
am of LiveJournal, and many of my
on-line friends are on both servers.
But, I have some friends who are distince
on one or the other, and have no intention
of losing friends just because cross-
posting has become a PITA once again.

On that note, I'm off to find photos for today's blog and get it posted. Have an excellent Thursday and please, be kind, stay safe and wear your mask. I'll be back tomorrow.

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