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Catch Up and Thanks

First of all, thanks to so many of my friends who came through with website suggestions for my menu issues that I was talking about yesterday. Many of the sites suggested are quite amazing and I know I'll find the perfect one.

The story, however, is expanding in my head and that's something I really need to nip in the bud quickly. I can allow expansion, but this one is acting more like a bad batch of bread - it is overflowing the bowl. I need to get things under control and figure out a structure that will allow some of the important points to come through in the story, still allowing the basic premise to be realized. I'm getting out my writing whip and preparing to whip those words back into shape - LOL.

Today is Saturday and, for a change, I don't have any specific plans for tomorrow. If we stick to the schedule we have had in previous years, I will only have this Sunday and next week's Sunday before I am on a seven-day-a-week schedule of work until Christmas. We might start our open Sundays a bit later, but I suspect not much. There are some museum exhibits I want to go to, but the fallen leaves are also calling me to rake and get things prepped for the winter that will be coming before I know it. Whatever happens, though, it will be very nice to have a day off. I hope you have a glorious weekend!
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The story, however, is expanding in my head

He-he, looks like you start to write longer stories, you Drabble-Queen. *grins* :)))
I don't mind writing longer stories, I'll still be writing one drabble a week for TW and that's enough to keep my hand in and sharpen my word choices.

But this story is refusing to coalesce into something that I can actually work with. I may have to totally scrap the idea and approach the general subject matter from a completely different perspective, Age, and list of characters.

- Erulisse (one L)