engarian (engarian) wrote,

Hmmmm...What to Do?

I don't cook. I can microwave very well, and I exist on salads, frozen meals, tortillas with cheese or other lovely things inside them, and oatmeal for breakfast. But I don't cook.

This coming month's challenge story is a recipie story. I was assigned an element to have appear in the story, but that's easy. But I have to include a recipie as part of the story and also give the full recipie. I know what I'm looking for, but I have spent far too long on a variety of on-line recipie websites searching for the perfect one that will have the ingredients I am looking for. I am rather astonished at how many recipies call for prepared materials - Worcester sauce, cornstarch, ketchup, tabasco sauce, bouillon cubes. For goodness sakes, my characters can't just go to the corner store and pick up some Wyler's Boullion Cubes to put into their soup, sauce or stew. It's turning into an interesting hunt and I think I'll be able to figure out a good recipie soon. Then I just need to figure out a story to build around it.

I mentioned yesterday how amazed I was at the gift my LC friends gave me by giving me constructive criticism on my latest drabble, "A Prize Catch". I began a major revision of my H-verse novel yesterday with their commentary in mind. I hope to make it a more dymanic tale and tighten it up. It still is nowhere close to seeing the light of day, and it may never be more than a personal story that I want to write about a character that I dearly love, but I'll keep working at it. I would love to tell Helyanwe's tale someday. So, on this Friday, have a wonderfully creative day and a perfectly beautiful Autumn weekend.
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