engarian (engarian) wrote,

A Day of Accomplishment

Yesterday was a busy, busy day. But in the main, I accomplished everything on my list. I even found cards that will work well for my holiday cards and began cutting them out on my Silhouette. But I wasn't able to get clean cuts on more than just a few.

I'll order some new blades today (they are SO slow on shipping that I'd better get that going as quickly as possible). The cards themselves will be very pretty, though. I just need a successful afternoon where the cutter is actually working properly *sigh*.

I investigated a wholesale only kitchen supply store that had been recommended to me. I wanted some gold/silver colored aluminun foil and a steak weight that was not crosshatched. They didn't have either of those things, but they did have some excellent pricing on my charge machine and my sales register tapes. I'll be dropping by there next week to get my first restock supply. It was a fun place to walk through - so many items! I now have my membership card though - I'm in!

Finally, thanks go out to all of my LC friends who took so much of their time and effort focused towards helping me to improve my writing. What all of you did yesterday amazes and humbles me. It was so much information and it will take a while to percolate through, but that you would take that time during your busy lives to help improve a short drabble...I can't express how very, very grateful I am to each of you. I give you a bouquet and a promise that I'll try to continue to improve with each story I write.
Tags: errands, silhouette, writing

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