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Throneland 20 in 20 Challenge

The challenge was simple, do 20 stories of at least 100 words and/or 20 graphics, icons or sigs.  Mix and match as desired, with word cues on a list provided.  I wrote 10 drabbles and made 10 icons, one for each drabble.  I always wait to post GoT items until after Oshun has completed hers because we compete on different teams.  She posted last night, so here I go :-)


SHOCK – 100 words, Day 1
His pulse increased as he felt a twinge in his groin.  Warm eyes under perfect brows stood across the room from him.  He wanted her so badly, wanted to plunge himself into her hot wetness again and again and again. 
He heard the jangling of metal, the murmur of voices, felt his body raised and a foul tasting liquid forced between his lips.  No!  They were keeping him from her.  “Cersei,” he gasped, and fell back upon the straw. 
When next he awoke, lucidity was returning.  Across the room where Cersei had stood was a figure.  Brienne turned towards him. 


COLD – 100 Words, Day 2
Jon had been given a choice.  But, he wondered, had there ever truly been one?  Born a bastard and always treated as below the salt, joining the Black Watch had seemed the only option in the poor hand that had been dealt to him. 
While walking the wall next to the mule, Ghost padding behind them making the beast nervous, his thoughts wandered for a moment.  Why had he ever dreamed there might be more in his future?  Even though his father had shown him love and warmth, his stepmother, Catelyn, had always been cold.  Only the Wall was colder...

ARCHITECTURE – 100 Words, Day 3
Walking across the bailey, Bran cast his eyes upwards towards the crenellation atop the long wall.  The wind was mild and the sun was out, so the morning dew was burned off and the stones would be dry.  It was perfect climbing weather. 
As he ascended the staircase to reach the bastion, he looked below.  He loved the architecture of Winterfell; the open areas, the soaring towers, the firm stone and the weak, he knew every inch of it.  Swinging to the window he saw them, Jamie and Cersei.  It took him long months before he remembered that day again. 

RAINBOW – 100 Words, Day 4
She had always heard there was luck to be found at the end of the rainbow.  When she was young she scampered through the fields and pathways trying to find the end of the colorful bridge across the heavens.  When she grew older, her goals changed.  Now, instead of finding the end of the rainbow, she wanted to be wrapped in it. 
Defying expectations, she rose victorious in battle.  Her lifelong goal was in sight.  Renly wrapped her in the rainbow cloak she coveted and she was his for life.  Brienne never imagined that his life would be so short. 


HEARTBREAK – 100 Words, Day 5
Pushing her way through the crowd, Arya wiggled towards the front.  Upon the podium was her sister surrounded by royalty.  Her father, dressed in dark colors as was his wont, stood guarded.  Watching, she saw him bow his head to the young King.  She was unable to hear his words, but knew he was doing what they had requested. 
When they took him and led him to the block, she looked on in disbelief.  The man in black behind her then covered her eyes that she not see the death of one she loved.  He could not stop her heartbreak. 


BROTHERS – 100 Words, Day 6
Tommen worshiped his older brother.  Joffrey was beautiful, sat his horse well, and was being taught the use of bow and sword.  Soon he would join the lists, joust, wed Sansa and make their mother proud.  He followed his brother wherever he could, permission or not. 
After the death of their father, Joffrey was not only his brother, but his liege lord and King. It had been Tommen's hope that when he grew older he would be allowed to act as squire to his older brother.  He never dreamed that he would inherit his crown, his wife and his throne. 


HAIR – 100 words, Day 7
Sansa dressed carefully.  Whatever else, Joffrey must not be angered today.  Waiting impatiently until her maid was finished placing the pearl and gemstone netting over her hair, she took a careful look at herself in the mirror.  The bruises were not visible, she was grateful for long sleeves. 
Walking into the hallway, her hair was grabbed.  She was thrown into the wall, her head whirled dizzily.  A low voice growled into her ear.  “Make sure you please the King today.  There are other things that can be done to you that will still leave you virgin.”  She shuddered and nodded. 


SCENERY – 100 Words, Day 8
Walking to the Moon Gate, Lyssa gazed out over her domain, the Eyrie.  Unassailable, unconquerable, the vast heights perched atop of sheer cliffs brought vertigo to the most level-headed people.  The condemned were pushed through this Gate to drop down to the valley floor.  It resulted in certain death.  But often those awaiting their fate would simply roll off the edge of their high, open-walled, sloped and icy prison cells. 
Re-entering the room, she thought about the Lannister currently in her gaol.  Could she execute him if her son so decided?  What would the repercussions of such a death be? 


DANCE – 100 words, Day 9
Catelyn was still reeling emotionally.  The man she had thought to wed, build a life with, raise a family with, oversee a domain with was no longer.  This other man who had placed the red cloak on her shoulders but a few minutes before was a virtual stranger.  Seemingly stern and without humor, driven to fill his deceased brother's shoes, he was proper in his decorum.  She wanted passion, not propriety. 
He rose, holding out his hand.  “Would my lady grace me with this dance?”  Maybe he won't be too bad after all, she thought, placing her hand into his. 


BLOOD – 100 Words, Day 10
How long had it been since he had seen the sky?  His memories were a jumble of harsh voices, and unbearable pain.  Wiggling into the corner of his dark cell, he heard noises in the corridor.  Keys were jangling, voices interchanged in conversation. 
He licked the rat's blood from his hands, his tongue faltering in the gaps where fingers had once been.  Memories of the pain when he had begged for them to be removed returned.  No...better bury those memories along with his identity.  While eating part of the rat, a key was inserted into the lock on his door...
The icons are lovely--really like the simplicity and the restraint. I really like the Rainbow drabble. The Hair one is appropriately creepy and truly nasty in a good way. The last one is probably well done and I am sure will have its audience--I wished I had closed my eyes! (Snort! I have my issues--it's wonder I can even read those books!)
Oh thanks. I could have, and indeed did think of writing drabbles for each of the 20 days. But at the half-way mark, it seemed to be more reasonable to illustrate each of the drabbles instead.

Sorry that you have your issues about poor Theon. You are not alone in that, I think his treatment does cause a lot of squemish "eeks" in the readers. I don't think that I'm immune to the ickyness of torture and mayhem, but I know how very cruel men can be towards others and nothing much surprises me any more. I am an observer of the human condition, and I pray that I will never cause such pain, experience such pain, or view such pain in my life - current, past or future. But I still observe it and, if necessary, can write about it, read about it, and illustrate it.

- Erulisse (one L)
Not all teddy bears are soft and cuddly...

I actually find "Hair" to be far more disturbing. Acts that occur in war to warriors are more or less expected. Violence against women, however, which is a running theme in his books, is one of my personal trigger points and I have real issues with that. Nonetheless, it happens, frequently, and has to be dealt with in real life and in fiction.

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I've always found the implied threat to carry a greater shiver than the actuality. Rather like touring a haunted house - the ghost you see is almost anti-climactic to the thrill of the hunt.

- Erulisse (one L)
I understand you there. I don't like gratuitous violence and I can't quite understand myself how I'll read violence which is somehow tied to the plot of the characters (or write it, come to that) and accept it, even if not like it, and throw away a book or switch off a show where it seems a constant overspill of senseless ugly violence. But I do differentiate.
I have a much easier job reading/writing about violence than I do about sexuality in many instances. But violence in my world has to have a focus and a reason. Often the very worst doesn't have that and I haven't managed to get my head around gratuitous violence yet, the type of violence that I feel Morgoth and Sauron would really practice.

- Erulisse (one L)
Often the very worst doesn't have that
No, it doesn't. You can't even call it beast-like or animalistic, as it is worse, it just feels like raw, undefined evil.

I really have to write Melkor some time in the future. I've planned for it, but it's a biggie, d;-) and the plot has not reached that point yet. Plus, he's complicated.

I have a much easier job reading/writing about violence than I do about sexuality in many instances.

I like violent sexuality. :D I'll rephrase that, it could be read the wrong way. I like extreme passion between two alpha males that can become pretty violent. Or kink. depends. I was unfortunate enough to run across some young guy in roleplaying who wrote female users into gang rape and torture and degradation scenarios. He was a sick little bastard, and obviously loved the thought of it. That kind of thing is a huge sickener for me. GRR Martin has not even come close, thank goodness.

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Violence within my stories, and most that I read, really has to fit the plot and not just be there for the sake of violence. Although, as a resident of this Arda marred, I have to admit that sometimes violence exists of and for itself. That is extremely disturbing.

Morgoth, Sauron, and other creatures of pure evil are rarely 100% evil (Morgoth may be the exception to that since he is Vala, not Eldar or Human). And it is that other percentage that reflects the evil and makes it truly frightening. Hitler loved his dogs and his wife, had good relationships with his friends, and condemned millions of people to death with the swipe of a pen or an uttered wish. It was the human side that made the evil so despicable. Unfortunately, evil now has power behind it. If Morgoth existed now, and I'm not one to say that he is not waiting in the wings, he has weaponry beyond the wildest dreams of the Eldar and the final battle will be a bloodbath. NOT a fun time, and most certainly evil and violent.

- Erulisse (one L)
who things that your young guy RP with gang rape, etc., needed some serious help!
Morgoth may be the exception to that since he is Vala, not Eldar or Human

Very hard for a human mind to comprehend a God's, though I do love Paradise Lost, (it had a very powerful effect on me when I read it as a kid) and I do kind of understand what lies behind the 'War in Heaven' type scenario.

That kid was scarifying. I do hope his appetites were picked up on and treated.
Ah, Paradise Lost. Love it, love it, love it. The cadence, the power of the words, and the story. Milton deserves his fame for this one entry into the world's literature.

- Erulisse (one L)
It is incredible isn't it? I think that was the first time I ever felt that frisson magnificent words can evoke.
I like aspects of Dante's Inferno in much the same way. Passages of it resonate with me and probably will forever.

- Erulisse (one L)
Wait a minute--I am curious
Why would you wait until after I have posted mine? I'm puzzled. I cannot think of a possible motivation?
Re: Wait a minute--I am curious
It's more a matter that I don't want to influence you in any way, and just feel that it's more fair if I wait. I posted generally that I had completed the challenge a day or so ago and could have posted then, but I felt it was better to wait until after you had finished and also submitted first before opening it up generally. Am I wrong in that? I certainly don't intend to cause angst or distress, it just seemed more fair since we are on different teams. I welcome your comments, and would be happy to change my postings if you think it would be better.

- Erulisse (one L)
Re: Wait a minute--I am curious
It doesn't matter to me at all one way or the other. I was just honestly curious what your logic was. Completely mystified. I didn't mean to upset.
Re: Wait a minute--I am curious
Oh, you haven't upset me. It actually takes quite a lot to do that, having survived all sorts of internet crap in the 15 years I've been on-line in groups :-) I consider you a friend, and simply wanted to try and be considerate of your feelings.

- Erulisse (one L)
Re: Wait a minute--I am curious
I just think we were like ships passing in the dark here. I was sincerely clueless.
Re: Wait a minute--I am curious
I was thinking of my LJ as the link to the challenge board only. Not as "oh, this for my f-list"!
Now I've made myself laugh!
I was actually quite self-conscious because I think there are people on my f-list who are quite tired of these postings of mine for Throneland and do not blame them. I have been told explicitly, about that and the baby pictures! Ha! I'm OK with that.
Re: Now I've made myself laugh!
Personally, I love your BF pictures, and I love seeing what you are doing for GoT because I usually wouldn't have a chance to see what anyone on a different team would have. I love how we think so differently about the same challenges. It's part of what makes it so fun for me and I probably would be more inclined to drop out if you weren't participating.

- Erulisse (one L)
Re: Now I've made myself laugh!
Thanks. I think it would be more interesting if there were even more people we knew doing it. But it is time-consuming. I play the games to see how quickly I can meet the challenge, but minimize the time spent on them.
Re: Now I've made myself laugh!
(butting in, sorry) That's quite strange. Your journal is so varied and it's all about who you love and where your interests lie - I like that it's about a real person living a real life, if that makes sense.
Re: Now I've made myself laugh!
Awww! That is really sweet to say. It is not compartmentalized, I guess. It is all good though. I do not mind at all that every person does not hang on my every word (or photo!).
Re: Wait a minute--I am curious
The only reason I post as I do is because I had a couple of my F-list people ask to read what I am writing for GoT, so I make it available for them if they are so interested or inclined.

- Erulisse (one L)
I've enjoyed these, you've painted clear pictures with your 100 words. Scenery made me shiver a bit because the Moon Gate is my idea of pure, blind horror. I also found Hair chilling, while Dance made me smile.
Thank you so much. I post these because it is something that I create so I share with my f-list. I am delighted that you enjoyed them.

- Erulisse (one L)