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Writing Progress and Woes

 My DH normally is not fond of my taking on additional crafts. He admitted the other day, however, that he isn't minding the fact that I am writing now, even though it is taking a great chunk of my time. He said "at least writing is cheap".

I fully admit that I have a habit of switching from interest to interest and most of them do cost money, sometimes a fair amount of money, for supplies. At least my writing and my computer work only costs me the money for the computer, and that's been an essential in our individual lives since the mid-1990's - it's just another household appliance.

I've been tied up in my challenge board lately, though, instead of writing about Tolkien-universe subjects. My "Game of Thrones" challenge board is currently running a 20/20 challenge. Twenty drabbles (stories of 100 words - they allow more than 100 but the true definition is 100 words and that's what I stick to) and/or 20 graphics in 20 days. I've been writing drabbles since I find them quite easy to pound out. I think I'll write a total of 10 drabbles and then make graphics for each of them. Piece of cake. I should be finished early-mid next week.

DH and I will attend the Minnesota Mineral Society's annual lapidary show tomorrow. We always enjoy this small show. We buy slabs of rock to play with and look at, we attend lectures if there are interesting ones, often we run into my sister-in-law, oldest nephew and his youngest daughter because he also loves coming out to the show. It's just a fun time looking at pretty things and we've been looking forward to it all week!

So...on this grey Saturday, turning to wonderful fall sunshine, have a beautifully creative day. If you're off work, take a walk through nature for a while. Remind yourself that you are not the only being on the planet and that the other ones - trees, squirrels, crows, etc - deserve respect as well. Happy weekend!
This one is small, but very nice, and the cut slabs that some of the outside dealers have are at a good price. It looks like it will be sunny, in the 50's but sunny, so not a bad day to go looking at rocks at all :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
I love looking at rocks. I used to collect them until it became fashionable and the prices went sky high.

That is a lovely autumn picture.
Thanks. Yes, we're really looking forward to coming home with several additional pounds of stone :-)

- Erulisse (one L)