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 So, I've been working on this E-newsletter for the past two weeks. I wrote the first one, then showed it to my manager who promptly tore it apart and rewrote it stating, "I don't know how you managed to get a master's degree with writing like this". I've always claimed that I am not an author, I am an editor (and not that good at editing either, but much more comfortable with the red pencil than composing the original work). So I then edited what he wrote, input the changes, and printed out a new copy for him to look over. More changes ensued. We've gone through this several times now and have finally declared the newsletter ready for release. Tonight it will be sent to my E-mailing list from the shop and we will see. We are doing two intense coupon sales, one on Friday and a different one on Saturday. The savings for those using the coupons are substantial. We'll have to see if these will work. The business has been very depressed and we are losing money for the first year since the 1990's. At this rate I won't be able to keep my employee employed, will have to switch to a five-day week so that I can work the shop with my Manager only, and basically it will be hell for two years until I can close. I am looking forward to that like I would look forward to a tooth extraction without anesthesia - NOT. Sometimes I just hate this economy. But if this coupon sale helps our dollars, we will have a bit more light at the end of our dark tunnel. We'll have to wait and see what happens.  

Money Exchange
Love that green. Now we just need some of that
coming OUR way.

But, I also made some creative decisions. I got Iris' next chapter betaed and sent back to her and I Emailed Sadie and told her, with contrite apologies, that I am unable to accept her as another beta. I returned the work I had done on a one-up story for her so far, and said that looking realistically at my time, I simply could not accept another beta right now. I like her stories, but they will take too much work on my part to bring them up to my standards. Iris and I have gotten to a good working relationship since we started in May, 2009. I like her writing style and we are comfortable with each other. I try hard to allow her voice to sing through in our work, probably not being as picky as I should be, but we are both happy with the end result. I don't mind helping her out and if I get time crunched, she is fine with having things delayed a bit. The pressure isn't there. Taking on another person would eliminate another 1-3 nights of personal time and I decided that I needed that time for my own pursuits - I decided to be a bit selfish. I actually think that's a good thing for me at this time.
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