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The Forces are Against Us *sigh*

So, the major cross-street south of us is torn up because they are building a light rail system on it. That has made our street, the street that is in front of my store, single lane and backed up most of the time.

That's south of us, but the north used to be OK, so often we would send people down to us from the north instead of up from the south.

Now, in the infinite wisdom of the "let's get it done quickly before the snows fly", the overpass north of us, still on our street (which carries the heaviest traffic in the entire city) ... anyway, the overpass is getting patch-ups on the bridges and it is also closed down to a single lane. *sigh* I just can't win.

So...not only are my customer numbers down dollars-wisem, because, after all, we are in a really SUCKY econony now-a-days, BUT, those customer who actually WANT to get to the shop have to deal with long lines of traffic and delays to get to us for another week! The Gods of commerce really have it in for me :-(
Aargh! What is it with this time of year and road works? Our village is totally surrounded by them at the moment - every road is either shut of has temporary traffic lights and only one lane open!
Around here we joke that there are only two seasons, winter and road construction. But, this is exceptionally bad. Right now there is only a single good alternative to offer my customers, and that's just if they happen to phone.

- Erulisse (one L)
Oh no, what a nightmare! I hate roadworks. My town's been overrun with them for the last year and a half - they were completely revamping the town square and have been doing major works on various important roads. But at least it's only a nuisance in my case. :(
It really is a nightmare. Fortunately, today people seem to have found us. Yesterday, however...NOT a good sales day :-(

- Erulisse (one L)
No, I have a website for the shop, but I only have several 1000 items on the website vs more than 25,000 in store. Oh well, today is doing better :-)

- Erulisse (one L)