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Want Something Done? Ask a Busy Person...

I accepted a repair yesterday. I don't accept a lot of repairs any more - most of them are really boring and something that could be done by the person with minimal work. I would rather teach the person how to do the repair and make them a long-time customer than just fix it for them.

But this piece is more complicated than that, is older using vintage beads and colors that aren't generally available, and actually will require a bit of thought. I couldn't resist. I'll try to get a good start on it today after I take some time to photograph it well so that I have a line-by-line record of what it used to look like before I begin the deconstruction. The owner told me that she added some parts and used some glue in some others - sigh. Glue - NOT a beader's best friend when needing to repair a piece.

I want to begin work on my Holiday cards. I need to do a quick post to my f-list and ask who wants one, but I can at least work on the designing today so that I have a plan of action and know what I want to buy for it. I have some materials that I bought in the spring, and some funky sparkly stuff that I also purchased this summer, now to get everything straight in my head and check out the cuts. With luck, it should be a very creative day today.

And finally, congratulations to the Minnesota Lynx for wining the WNBA (that's the Women's National Basketball Association) Championship for 2010. Way to go! It's nice to have a championship team in town again!
Tags: beading, creativity, solstice

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