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I was caught up on my writing yesterday, had one possible pending that I hadn't made my mind up about yet, and was idle. So I returned to my H-verse and began taking a critical look at what I had written in a mad spate of activity in July/August. It's actually not bad!

I was quite surprised, although I have read and re-read many of the chapters multiple times, I am fairly happy with them. I was revisiting some of the later chapters I have written to determine how to alter one aspect to fit my personal comfort level. And I think I can be successful in the slight changes that I want to make. I'm eager to get back to work on this novel. I like the characters, I like the history that I see for them, and I think there is a story there to be told.

I belong to an on-line group of people, most of whom are probably young enough to be my children or even my grandchildren, assigning challenges based on A Game of Thrones. George RR Martin's five (eventually scheduled for seven) novels are cumbersome, bloody, dark, anoying, need a good editor, and still very readable. This group issues challenges, usually either graphic or writing based, and each of three teams gets points by what its team members submit. I am on Team Stark, my friend who originally got me involved is on Team Lannister. Yesterday's graphic was easy - three pics to post, piece of cake. Now they have a 20 in 20 challenge going - twenty separate pieces of our choice, written or graphic or mixed, in 20 days. I wrote the first piece yesterday - fun! This shouldn't be a problem unless time compresses on me, so keeping up will be the important thing.

Be creative today!
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I had not seen that poster. I thought you made it based on the series ads! Your sig banners are lovely and graceful.
Oh thanks, I work with Photoshop a lot, but the five sig panels I use were trying out the CS5 Photoshop that I put onto DH's computer. My old 5.5 version refused to load on his new Win7 system. I assume I'll have to have a copy of CS5 eventually for myself because my own computer is nearing it's end life. But it's still hanging in there and I'm poor - LOL.

- Erulisse (one L)