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I was caught up on my writing yesterday, had one possible pending that I hadn't made my mind up about yet, and was idle. So I returned to my H-verse and began taking a critical look at what I had written in a mad spate of activity in July/August. It's actually not bad!

I was quite surprised, although I have read and re-read many of the chapters multiple times, I am fairly happy with them. I was revisiting some of the later chapters I have written to determine how to alter one aspect to fit my personal comfort level. And I think I can be successful in the slight changes that I want to make. I'm eager to get back to work on this novel. I like the characters, I like the history that I see for them, and I think there is a story there to be told.

I belong to an on-line group of people, most of whom are probably young enough to be my children or even my grandchildren, assigning challenges based on A Game of Thrones. George RR Martin's five (eventually scheduled for seven) novels are cumbersome, bloody, dark, anoying, need a good editor, and still very readable. This group issues challenges, usually either graphic or writing based, and each of three teams gets points by what its team members submit. I am on Team Stark, my friend who originally got me involved is on Team Lannister. Yesterday's graphic was easy - three pics to post, piece of cake. Now they have a 20 in 20 challenge going - twenty separate pieces of our choice, written or graphic or mixed, in 20 days. I wrote the first piece yesterday - fun! This shouldn't be a problem unless time compresses on me, so keeping up will be the important thing.

Be creative today!
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I'm surrounded by pretty young things all day long - one of the few perqs of my job - so I have no problem at all admiring these masterpieces of creation, hee!
Oh, I get the occasional very lovely young stud through the doors here, since we don't only deal in beading supplies, but also leatherworking and jewelry making supplies. And I can allow myself some mental bye-and-bye, but reality crashes back in. I might love them, but they are not for me *sigh*.

- Erulisse (one L)
OMG! I love Kit Harington so much. I never thought I could love pretty emo boys that much. I thought Alec Campion was a one off thing for me and, anyway, he was so quirky and disturbed. Then there was Theron Campion, who is so pretty and less disturbed, but still not normal in any true sense of the word. But Jon Snow is a whole other level of emo combined with an honestly attractive character and personality (I never did find you the segment in the book I wanted to send you that made me laugh at Jon's emo--really great tongue-in-cheek humor on the part of GRRM. Actually, I found it, but in the hardcopy, which means I'd have to type it. I have some of the books in ebook format, but not that one--it's in A Storm of Swords.* I adore Jon Snow. [Jon with his direwolf puppy! Awwww!]

*The GRRM e-books are outrageously expensive. They should be less.

I owe you a story--maybe it should be Jon Snow. I was also thinking about maybe Theron Campion. A slashy story while he is out shipping around with his sister and getting well. I know she intends to write his later life, but I do not think that period.

You owe me a story? Yippee (squeal). First I know of it, but it makes me very happy (smiling behind my laptop screen right now *g*).

As for where in the book you found the emo...just give me the page number. The page numbers follow the same as the book so I can find it easily.

And yes...Jon Snow/Kit Harington is gorgeous...muy buenissimo.

- Erulisse (one L)
I was going to say the same. Give me the page numbers and I'll use the Amazon "Look inside this book" feature.
You are the one I promised the story to.... Finished two of the Robin Hobb books and have started two more.
Go ahead, harsh it out. I'll get something from Oshun eventually and you well deserve your tale, Ann.

- Erulisse (one L)
Whoops! It was Ann who I had promised a nice story for something she did for me. Not that you have no done nice things for me--you have! I am just a very slow writer. Even of ficlets.

I'll look inside the book and find the pages.
NP - I'm sure that Ann deserves a story, and with luck she'll let me read it.

- Erulisse (one L)