engarian (engarian) wrote,

Relaxing Sunday

We had a relaxing Sunday. I did a bit of editing and reading, played LOTRO with DH for several hours, and we had Subway for dinner (love the price and the food - hard to beat). In fact, I can't think of anything earthshaking that I did at all. I think that's nice for a change :-)

Do you remember how much fun it was when you learned how to read?

On Saturday night I finally got all of my stories updated to their various archives and I also submitted my 10,000 word murder mystery to the appropriate monitors. It won't be released to the general public until the 16th, so all of you will have to wait a bit before I put that into my archives also. I did notice a few new chapters in stories I have been following, and had some fun reading my friend Oshun's latest piece. I'm skipping ALEC for October but there is one more challenge piece I might write that would be due on the 25th. I'm not sure about it yet, I have other tasks pending that I need to do so larger writing may have to take a back burner for a few weeks. Happy Monday!
Tags: beta, lotro, reading, writing

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