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A couple of you have asked me to post my Original Character for Game of Thrones as a journal entry, not just in the challenge folder for my Game of Thrones Team. So, here you go.


Jaynele Snow

Born in 277 AL on the night of the first summer storm, she was Eddard Stark’s bastard daughter, acknowledged as her natural daughter. As she grew up, Eddard realized her temperament was changeable as the weather. Her mother was of no account, a servant in Winterfell but no-one with power or statu, he was only fourteen years older than she was, but their social positions were vastly different. To him, she was a wonder and a curiosity. There was no shame in being Eddard Stark’s by-blow,after all, he was only the second son and his future would be as a knight, but no landholder.

Then his brother Brandon died and his father insisted that he marry his brother’s fiancée, Catelyn. She was beautiful, earthy, and very different from the sexual partners he had in his past. Suddenly his natural daughter was a potential liability to the growth of this new relationship or any children that he might have with his wife. Jaynele could be a token of power, to be traded for his personal gain, when she grew up. But of a certainty, he did not want his new bride meeting his pre-adolescent daughter.

He arranged to send her to the south, to be fostered by a friend in the Wolf’s Wood. Jaynele grew up strong and confident both in the running of a household, and also in outdoor activities such as hunting, tracking, and fishing. She had a great affinity for the weirwood and was a caretaker for the heart trees in her area. There had been some talk about sending her to King’s Landing to learn from some of the maesters there, but everything changed after Eddard was given control of Winterfell. When she was of age for marriage, he arranged a good match for her with the third son of a minor lord, one step above a hedge knight. Although it was no love match, her husband managed to make enough money as a sell-sword to support her and during their marriage they had two children together. Unfortunately, one died in infancy and the other was killed as the war swept over their lands.

Jaynele’s husband was slain in the service of one of the Northern landholders, leaving her as a widow without resources. Having nowhere else to turn, she withdrew from active life, joining the Silent Sisters. She worked, preparing the bodies of the dead and transporting them to their final resting places, keeping silent until the day that she died, a mere 50 years after her birth. No-one knew her name or her family and she was buried in a common grave.

Jaynele is tall and slender with warm brown hair and dark eye.

She met her husband at a dance arranged by her father.


She granted her favor to the knight at the joust on the very next day.

They had a whirlwind courtship.

Her husband was a knight of the realm.

She was attended by many on the way to her wedding.

Her husband was the only one she truly saw at their marriage.

She and her husband got along well and make a good couple.

She was celebrated for her beauty of face and of character.

She was also renowned as a gardener.

After the death of her husband and children, she joined the Silent Sisters.

A short drabble that takes place in her childhood at Winterfell.

“Daddy, Daddy,” the small child hurtled through the hallways towards her father who had just recently returned home.

“Ooof!” he grunted as he lifted her. “You’re heavy, and growing like a weed.” He twirled her around and placed her on the ground. Taking a careful look at his natural daughter, he scanned her from head to toe. Her dress was much too small. She had grown again, he would order more clothing made.

As they walked down the hall together, he reflected on how full his life had been since she had entered it. He thought he rather enjoyed fatherhood.

- Erulisse (one L)
Sansa Sig
Congrats! You got it done!

I don't think I am going to finish the crossword. It hurts hand to flip back and forth between the answers and the questions and I can't type them onto the form. I know most of the answers and it's just too clumsy without having the questions in a text form. Just ignore me. I seriously considered sending them to Laura at work and having her print them out. No. I do not have a printer. It was stupid of me to decide I was going to do all of the challenges this time!! Grrrr.
I finished the crossword yesterday morning, but didn't post it yet because LJ was being such a pain. They seem to be recovered today though, so I'll probably get that done today.

I didn't do the pick-up lines. Really NOT my thing at all.

- Erulisse (one L)
I did the pickup lines. Mine were painful and best immediately forgotten. (I did forget them already.) I never enjoyed the humor of them either. Maybe I've chuckled at one or two by Mae West, but that has been the extent of my appreciation of the genre.

The crossword: I am having some version of muscle reaction to mouse work since I fell. Only it's in my shoulder and arm, not my wrist. I cannot bear to flip around from screen to screen. It really hurts.

If I am going to do it, I should copy everything out by hand onto separate pieces of paper. That is so not my style for forget-about-it silly fandom play! I'd make that effort for art or research, but not for a gag, a game! But I am stubborn also and trying to discipline myself to finish what I start these days.
Do you use google Chrome? I set up different tabs to google the clue (if I didn't know it) and just went that way. It was quick. I listed the clues and wrote down the answers, then transferred the letters into the appropriate colored boxes (I knew it before I had all of them filled in of course - similar to wheel of fortune - LOL). And through that I found the second word game. But I apparently found the wrong third word game. Call me frustrated.

- Erulisse (one L)
Oh I enjoyed this, felt that I quite knew her by the end. I always enjoy the 'little' people whose stories tend to be no more than footnotes. It's sad that her family died, I hope she found some measure of contentment in the important work she turned to after.

Lovely illustrations, specially liked the tarot card and the gardener.
Oooh, what is the picture for "She and her husband got along well ..."? He looks like Jon Snow!
He does look like Jon Snow, doesn't he? I was just searching out artwork that fit my basic Romantic criteria. I search pictures every day for my blog and for other things, I love pictures.

- Erulisse (one L)