engarian (engarian) wrote,

Storm Warning

I worked at the computer for most of the day yesterday. I have come much closer to wrapping up my larger story (oy! It's still TOO large) and on the third re-write, I finally ended up with a good drabble for the week.

The thing that I'm running a huge deadline with is my Original Character for my A Story of Ice and Fire challenge board. And LiveJournal is doing server updates and is SLOW...SLOW... This is NOT good because there is a FIRM deadline of before I leave work today. I still have to get everything lined up for posting - numerous photos, a biography and a short story, and then get everything uploaded into a post. If the server is being molasses, that won't happen with any ease! What a PITA!

Steve Jobs died yesterday. I'm not an Apple fanatic, although I own several versions of iPod, but no phone, no computer, and I don't own their stock. I have to admire Jobs as a visionary who had an amazing work ethic and the ability to inspire people to push their boundaries. His visions completely reworked the world in his image, and even though I might not own all of the products, I love them, they are just more dollars than I ever had available. So here's to you, Steve Jobs. You were a giant in a time of history that is overcrowded with people seeking fame. You didn't seek fame, you sought perfection. You came damn close!
Tags: death, writing

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