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Storm Warning

I worked at the computer for most of the day yesterday. I have come much closer to wrapping up my larger story (oy! It's still TOO large) and on the third re-write, I finally ended up with a good drabble for the week.

The thing that I'm running a huge deadline with is my Original Character for my A Story of Ice and Fire challenge board. And LiveJournal is doing server updates and is SLOW...SLOW... This is NOT good because there is a FIRM deadline of before I leave work today. I still have to get everything lined up for posting - numerous photos, a biography and a short story, and then get everything uploaded into a post. If the server is being molasses, that won't happen with any ease! What a PITA!

Steve Jobs died yesterday. I'm not an Apple fanatic, although I own several versions of iPod, but no phone, no computer, and I don't own their stock. I have to admire Jobs as a visionary who had an amazing work ethic and the ability to inspire people to push their boundaries. His visions completely reworked the world in his image, and even though I might not own all of the products, I love them, they are just more dollars than I ever had available. So here's to you, Steve Jobs. You were a giant in a time of history that is overcrowded with people seeking fame. You didn't seek fame, you sought perfection. You came damn close!
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That was one of the nicer memorials to Steve Jobs that I've read today :) I'm not an Apple person either, purely for financial reasons (I'd love an iPhone), but someone made the point to me that if you own a smartphone, you can thank Steve.

That original character challenge is a fascinating idea. When I saw Oshun's I thought finding the right artwork to illustrate it must be the most demanding part of the exercise. Will you be posting yours here?

LJ -- be down for three hours, they said. Ha!

Thanks, I feel that the world lost something very special with the loss of Steve Jobs. Visionaries of his calibre are rare and always impact so many people in so many ways.

As for my original character, I have it posted here:
If you can't access that, I can repost it as a regular post to my journal.

- Erulisse (one L)