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Studio Day - How Busy Can I Be?

So I have a new accountant after the fiasco that occurred in March of this year. The first thing I hired him to do was 5500's for us which were extended to be due on October 15th. I picked the folder up from him last week and looked over it yesterday. Problems - misspelled names, and a bill that I think is way too high. I left him a phone message telling him to phone me today. We need to talk.

My Assistant Manager is working through the end of the year, and then we have to let her go. It's a cash savings thing for us that has become necessary on many fronts. She posted to her FB page yesterday on the order of dollars are down so she's being let go, and we're retiring so we're letting her go. Immediately one of her relatives bounced in with a snarky comment about how I should have a more updated website and maybe I would get more business. For goodness sake - I'm a retail store! The website is a convenience for my customers, not where I make my money. I jumped all over her. The last time people thought I was retiring, it took months to get that quashed and it really affected my bottom line. Chickie said she'd pull the post. I'll check later and make sure she did.

I'm grateful that I have today off. My latest story needs to get wrapped up today and I have a drabble that just isn't quite hitting right. I need impact and I'm just not getting that punch that a drabble really needs. So I'll be working at my computer even though the day will be glorious and the fall foliage will be magnificant. Maybe I'll take a drive to Stillwater to look at the river bluffs and the turning leaves. I wonder if I can squeeze some beauty into the day and get my equilibrium back because right now I'm feeling a bit rocky and it's reflecting in my writing. Here's a nice relaxing tropical beach - I wish I was here :-)
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