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Writing Worms...

I am writing for a challenge called "Outside the Box". I hadn't planned on writing a GD novel, but it's getting far larger than ever anticipated. I wonder if anyone will actually be interested in reading it?

But the muse is whipping me and the plot won't let me go. So, they get a much longer than usual story and I have to put other stories on the back burner because this one is taking longer than anticipated. Argh!!!

We're in the midst of a warm snap - 10-20 degrees warmer than usual for this time of the year. I'm NOT objecting, it's a wonderful October gift. But it is difficult to plan for because we are still getting cold nights, it's just the days that are getting so nice and warm. I'm running so late today that I'll leave things there, but I gave you nice eye candy above. Have a creative day!
Enjoy writing! Even though things aren't going as you planed, it is great to have generous muses, isn't it? :)
I can't imagine anyone actually wanting to read this thing. It's already almost 5000 words and I still have to wrap it up, probably another 2000-2500 words still to go. Argh!

- Erulisse (one L)
happy that I can at least do a drabble this week. Yippee for 100 word stories!
I can't say that I am drabbles fan. I read them from time to time (and quite often, that is only if the summary sounds interesting, that is, if there are characters/genres I like), but of those I've read, there are more drabbles that I don't like than those I do. Drabbles are simply too short for me; most often, I can't *feel* such a short story, if you understand what I mean. Many times, when I read a drabble, I thought - if only there was more...
The problem with so many drabbles is that they often attempt to cover too much territory. The form is great for capturing a single moment in time and the emotional nuances and implications of that moment to a single character. The way many drabbles fail is when the writer tries to shoehorn in too many details, or is imprecise in their language usage.

I personally find it an interesting and fulfilling writing exercise, because it forces me to really analyze the moment I'm trying to depict, boil it down to what was REALLY important, and then be extremely succinct in my wording. As I have a tendency to wordiness, this has helped me learn to be very precise.

It also allows me to explore, for a very brief moment, characters that tend never to get a voice. And because I'm working in a fanfiction environment, I can depend on reader foreknowledge rather than have to build a backstory when it comes to unusual characters like an orc manipulating the Black Gate of Mordor, or the Watcher in the Lake at Durin's Gate of Moria.

I've yet to try drabbling outside of fanfiction - altho just writing this is making my Muse sit up and say, "Hmmmmmmmm..." :-D
I agree, my friend, I agree. But I love the challenge of it and so I write one drabble a week without fail to keep my hand in. When properly written, it can be 100 words of incredible impact, and that's what I always try for.

- Erulisse (one L)
I love the drabble challenge too. You never know whether you will get one that will work or not and the fun is trying! I'm glad you are inspired for the challenge. Love the photo.
What is a GD novel?

I can't *feel* such a short story, if you understand what I mean.

I know what you mean. I like stories that would make pretty good doorstops (or weapons) if it came to it. d;-)
Ummm, that would be a G__ Damned novel - LOL.

I hadn't intended this one to grow in this fashion, but it's looking like it will end up between 8000 and 10,000 words and for something that should be a short story, that's a bit extreme. Oh well, it is what it is :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
who will happily have one of your doorstops anytime you care to write one!
Is it an original novel you're writing?
All writing is good, whatever it is; it is all grist to the craft-mill.

who will happily have one of your doorstops anytime you care to write one!

Haha, lol, well, I meant I like to read doorstops, though I think some of my stories are door-stoppy, or they would be if they were printed.
No, actually it's just supposed to be a short story. It isn't turning into one, though :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
I love the challenge of writing drabbles, but usually I tend to be short and succinct in general. This "Outside of the Box" story of mine is anything but succinct. It had to build up and crest and that takes time. It is frustrating, though, since I had to put some other things behind because this one is taking so much time.

- Erulisse (one L)
Well, you'll have your opportunity later this month. I need to turn it in by next Friday and they will release the stories during the week of the 24th (I think...). I just want to get this to the point where I'm comfortable handing it is. Hopefully I will catch all of the mis-cues, because I won't have time to get this beta read.

- Erulisse (one L)
Looks like your project has well and truly escaped out of its box! But I get the impression that that particular series of challenges tends to get very different responses from different people anyway, so I wouldn't worry that it might be too long for them!
So totally escaped, I'm chasing a lion madly with a butterfly net. But eventually even the lion must tire and then I have a chance of transforming it into something much tamer. either way, it has to be completed by tomorrow night because it has eaten up WAY too much of my time.

- Erulisse (one L)
Did you write that totally amazing review for Survival of the Fittest? You SO rock!!!
Haha, welcome to my world.

Your muses are kind, though, if they're letting you get away with 7000 words. Oftentimes mine won't me have a breather until I reach the 15k mark, and that's just a breather. Just about every idea I have these days is worth at least 40k. Which suuuuucks.
I like your world, but really had no intentions of a story that would normally be at 1500-2500 words max turning into a monster that will be approx 10,000 words. Eeek!

- Erulisse (one L)
Oh, I never did either. That's the thing. I'm at the point where I can usually spot them when they show up, but I had a story that should've been around 5000 words end up at 37k and I had another story that should've been maybe 20k max end up at 81k. That's just what happens sometimes. :-D