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Saturday and Thanksgiving

 It's Saturday today. It doesn't really feel like a Saturday, but the calendar isn't lying, so I have to trust it. Saturdays are nice because I only work until 5:00 pm instead of 6:00 pm. And the other really nice thing about Saturday is that I get Italian for dinner. Yum.

 Bascali's Brick Oven is my local Italian food
restaurant. We get our dinner from there every
week - baked rigatoni for DH and smoked sausage
marinara over rigatoni for me.

Next week is Thanksgiving in the US. It is one day of the year which we set aside to reflect on what things we are grateful and thankful for. We are going to join a small group of family for Thanksgiving dinner. There will be eight of us for dinner. We'll be bringing green beans and corn and at least one pie. Eventually we'll be joined by more people who will be coming for dessert, but maybe I'll be lucky and we'll be out of there by then. Considering that side of the family has eight kids, most of whom are married with children, having a few more people coming for dessert could easily be up to 20 additional people in a rather small living room. I've spent many a Thanksgiving and Christmas at my sister-in-law's home and have relatively good memories of them, so I agreed to this because it was a small group, and because I really didn't feel like cooking a dinner this year. I'll cook a turkey for Christmas instead of Thanksgiving and I will love it equally then, as well as be thankful that I finally will be finished with extended hours/days at the shop and through with holiday shopping, etc by then. I am much more thankful at Christmas time than I am for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Turkey
I love the look and smell of turkey cooking. Even
though I won't be cooking this year, I'm already
looking forward to my Christmas turkey.

Thanksgiving is a uniquely American holiday, but it is not a bad thing to reflect on the previous year and those things that make us thankful. Why not share our holiday with us and take the time to review your own life and what you can be thankful for.
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