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Writing and the Weekend

So, when I arrived at the shop yesterday I was determined to rework my "Out of the Box" story completely and spent the day thinking about it and reading the wonderful link that a friend had sent to me on writing murder mysteries (much of which I already knew, but some of which was a wonderful relevation). Last night I began the actual re-write and, although I'm only three pages in to what had already been nine pages, I'm feeling much better about where the story is going.

This is the final weekend of Renaissance Festival. It seems like yesterday when I was posting that the season was just beginning. It's looking like we'll have beautiful, warm weather. Cloak weather for the first hour or so, but then not needed until the sun goes down. Yesterday morning there was a fire at the Fest grounds. It started in one of the food vendors at 6am or so, and spread to six other stalls before finally being brought under control. Five different fire departments were involved because there are no fire hydrants or large-pipe water up there, they had to truck in all of the water needed to fight the blaze. The fest opened yesterday slightly late, but no-one was hurt, and that's the most important thing.

I'm looking forward to my fall activities - a small gem and lapidary show in two weeks, and maybe a visit or two to an art exhibit before I have to start my holiday hours. I still want pretty things to look at, though, so I present the pic above for your eye candy for the day. The pic is aspen trees in the fall near Marble, Colorado. I grew up nearby and we visited Marble several times while I was growing up. It was a beautiful area. Marble's quarries supplied most of the marble used in the Federal buildings in Washington DC and many other amazing structures. I loved our rare trips out there and remember them with great fondness.
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