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Fighting With a Story

Aarrgghhh! I'm in the midst of writing a murder mystery story for an "Out of the Box" challenge, and 3/4 through. I revise as I write, going back to the beginning and tweaking. Reading it with a more critical eye last night, I realized how shaky my premise was. Now it will require a MAJOR rewrite and it's due next week! *sigh*

I'll keep the main characters and quite a few of the supplementary ones, but I need to make the protagonist more believable and give him a reason for his actions. That reason has gone through a few evolutions and has been lost. I need to refind it. It's like a giant spiral... Call me frustrated!

And Chickie has today and tomorrow off. If we get busy at the shop, we'll have a preview of what next year might be like and I suspect I will not be happy. As much as I may like my DH, as a co-worker he is not as effective as I would like. But without our sales numbers increasing dramatically, we just can't handle the payroll numbers we are doing, so things have to change. I suspect I'll be looking at 2012 as just a year to get through so that I have 2013 and my future shining brightly ahead of me. Oh well, thank goodness there is still beauty that I can focus on, and as long as I have that I'll be all right. So, I think I'll share some of that beauty with all of you today! (I couldn't make up my mind between the two waterfall pics, so you get both of them!)

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Somehow the insider needs to interact, believably, with the outsiders, and it's that believe-ability that is totally escaping me right now. I need to lasso this one quickly and get it written. It's extremely frustrating right now.

- Erulisse (one L)
I particularly like that first waterfall picture.

As for the story - ningloreth writes wonderful Middle Earth murder/mystery stories. She was asked to give a talk about how she does it at WriterConUK a couple of years ago, and posted much of her talk Here if it is any help to you whilst doing your rewrite.
Lovely link. It seems that I'm doing a good deal right here, just let things get a little away from me in the editing process. So, time to reign in the horses and get them all galloping in synch.

This story is a major stretch for me - totally out of the box. Characters that I don't write about, in a time frame that I rarely visit, in a genre that I really don't work within...basically there is nothing in this story that is NOT outside the box, so I really hope I can pull this off.

- Erulisse (one L)
Wow! Beautiful photos!

As for the story. Yes, the deadline might be *insert date*, but it happened many times that some stories had been posted a few days after the deadline. And did it "knock the earth out of its axis", as I heard Dawn Felagund say once? No, of course not! (Ok, she used the sentence in another context, but it doesn't matter; it can be applied to you as well!)
So, my dear, if you want my advice, here it is: don't think about deadlines. Write. Enjoy it. Do the best you can. Write. Live in Middle-earth. Live with your characters. Write. And I bet that the result will be a great story. And I bet no one will care if you miss the deadline for a few days. Ultimately, it's only the story that matters. ;)
Although I think I'll have the story complete by the "deadline", I will certainly keep your wise words in mind. Just because I might miss a deadline doesn't mean that the story doesn't deserve the light of day if it no longer qualifies for a particular event. I started the re-write this evening after thinking about the characters and their interactions all day. I think it will be a much better story after the rewrite is complete.

- Erulisse (one L)
So happy that you loved my photos. Looking at beauty is always such a positive thing for me.
You post the most wonderful photos... ::dreamy sigh::

Good luck with your rewrite -- it may take some time but I am sure you can pull it off.

The rewrite is going fairly well, as least I'm feeling better about the story from this new perspective and the new words.

I'm delighted that you enjoy my pictures. I love hunting them up to post them, beauty can be such a wonderful motivator in the early morning hours.

- Erulisse (one L)