engarian (engarian) wrote,

Fighting With a Story

Aarrgghhh! I'm in the midst of writing a murder mystery story for an "Out of the Box" challenge, and 3/4 through. I revise as I write, going back to the beginning and tweaking. Reading it with a more critical eye last night, I realized how shaky my premise was. Now it will require a MAJOR rewrite and it's due next week! *sigh*

I'll keep the main characters and quite a few of the supplementary ones, but I need to make the protagonist more believable and give him a reason for his actions. That reason has gone through a few evolutions and has been lost. I need to refind it. It's like a giant spiral... Call me frustrated!

And Chickie has today and tomorrow off. If we get busy at the shop, we'll have a preview of what next year might be like and I suspect I will not be happy. As much as I may like my DH, as a co-worker he is not as effective as I would like. But without our sales numbers increasing dramatically, we just can't handle the payroll numbers we are doing, so things have to change. I suspect I'll be looking at 2012 as just a year to get through so that I have 2013 and my future shining brightly ahead of me. Oh well, thank goodness there is still beauty that I can focus on, and as long as I have that I'll be all right. So, I think I'll share some of that beauty with all of you today! (I couldn't make up my mind between the two waterfall pics, so you get both of them!)

Tags: attitude, chickie, writing

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