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Day Off - Errands, etc.

So it's my day off. That means I have a list of errands a mile long to accomplish this morning, and I think I'll start designing my Solstice cards while finishing some pending writing projects this afternoon.

Yesterday, I finally received my new books of checks from my printing company. They were no longer offering my Michael Whelen dragons, but replaced it with Ciurelo dragons instead. I can live with that. Instead of the dragons of Pern I get fighting and independent dragons. Either way, great fun to see when I have to pay bills - LOL.

I only use checks when I pay bills. I could pay them on-line, in fact did so a couple of years ago. But when the bank messed up and allocated a payment to the incorrect account, I was less than pleased and discontinued the practice. I also found that physical checks, in most cases, actually arrived sooner and my payments were posted faster. Go figure. I guess I'll be a post office supporter for the rest of my life, although it may well be phased out of existence within the next 50 years or so. (No, I'm not planning to live to be more than 100 years old unless my health is exceptional because I don't think I'd like looking at myself in the mirror in the mornings and I'm curious about what's next on this interesting journey that we are all walking.)

So, since I have to run out in ten minutes to get on with my errands, etc., I'll wish all of you a wonderful and artistic day.
Yay, I love the photos! Especially the second. :) After all, this is an astronomer speaking, isn't it? :)
Indeed, and I adore the stars and hope that we all get to dance to their music at some point in our long and multi-faceted lives.

- Erulisse (one L)
I hope you have a successful Errand Day! :)

I believe that some places are starting to add a "paper check handling" fee in order to encourage online banking.
Well, I can do it if I have to, but it actually takes about the same amount of time and I just feel better with paper. Given how many times websites (including banks) have been hacked...'nuf said...

- Erulisse (one L)
I feel safer with paper too (security for almost everything online is very iffy at best) but I am afraid paper will soon be phased out. Not only do I get most of my news online where I once relied on print and tv, I only need to look at my flist to see how many use Kindles and other e-book formats are being used to gauge this.
Well, I love my NookColor. I read everything on it. But there is a big difference between doing banking on-line and reading a book on an e-reader :-) E-readers are, in the long run, more environmentally friendly, at least for the trees. But I prefer using paper checks for paying bills by mail or at a distance.

- Erulisse (one L)
I think cheques will be discontinued here quite soon in the future. Already banks offer very few accounts with them. I find them handy if I am sending money as a present, otherwise I never use them.

I only use them for paying bills. Otherwise I use plastic all the way - either debit or credit. It's just so much faster when in line at a store. I don't accept checks at my store any more - haven't since 2009. But, there are some people, like my DH, who will use a credit card but has never activated his debit card and does no shopping on-line (I don't understand how he could resist - LOL.)

- Erulisse (one L)
Those are beautiful pictures. I hope your errands run smoothly and you have some time left over for yourself!
Aren't they just wonderful? I really needed some nice eye candy this morning and thought I would spread it around :-)

Noticed you have a new chapter of St Anne up. I'd better get caught up :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
Yeah, the post office might lose a check over time, but on-line - when on-line goes wrong, it goes very, very wrong.

- Erulisse (one L)