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Looking for my Husband...LOL

 So, the Isenguard Expansion for Lord of the Rings Online came live yesterday. He downloaded it as soon as dinner was over yesterday and started playing. I think he finally went to sleep around 1:30 this morning.

He has today off, I'm sure he'll be playing for most of the day. He'll barely poke his head above water for days while he is playing the new areas and working at getting his characters back up to the new cap level. I'll be playing it myself this weekend with my old characters to get them capped up too. It'll be fun.

I am head-deep in writing right now. Bumed that I didn't even get Honorable Mention for ALEC in August, but, I knew I was going out on a limb with the direction I chose and I'm OK with it. At least I can bring my story "Love and Loss in Three-Quarter Time" out into the general air now and my September story was submitted on time. I'm busy with my October community challenge of "Outside the Box" which is turning into a much larger story that I had ever intended, I have a drabble to do this morning, and there were a couple of other things of interest. Additionally I need to invent a character for Game of Thrones. Although I already know what character I want to do, I have to find the appropriate graphics to go along with it. The deadline for this one is next week, so I'd better get going on this soon. Too much to do - but all fun!

Tags: lotro, winning, writing

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