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Looking for my Husband...LOL

 So, the Isenguard Expansion for Lord of the Rings Online came live yesterday. He downloaded it as soon as dinner was over yesterday and started playing. I think he finally went to sleep around 1:30 this morning.

He has today off, I'm sure he'll be playing for most of the day. He'll barely poke his head above water for days while he is playing the new areas and working at getting his characters back up to the new cap level. I'll be playing it myself this weekend with my old characters to get them capped up too. It'll be fun.

I am head-deep in writing right now. Bumed that I didn't even get Honorable Mention for ALEC in August, but, I knew I was going out on a limb with the direction I chose and I'm OK with it. At least I can bring my story "Love and Loss in Three-Quarter Time" out into the general air now and my September story was submitted on time. I'm busy with my October community challenge of "Outside the Box" which is turning into a much larger story that I had ever intended, I have a drabble to do this morning, and there were a couple of other things of interest. Additionally I need to invent a character for Game of Thrones. Although I already know what character I want to do, I have to find the appropriate graphics to go along with it. The deadline for this one is next week, so I'd better get going on this soon. Too much to do - but all fun!

Ah, ALEC is a monthly contest - A Long Expected Contest that I often will submit to. I've won an Honorable Mention and a 3rd Place, but never higher. Of course, it's hard writing against writers such as Aearwen and Fiondil :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
ALEC is a monthly contest

Oh, a contest. Lol, no time for the C-word! My own stuff is packed as tight as it can go without bursting.

Re: LOTRO - our friend Rich is getting a new computer for faster graphics and music files, so he said he would loan us his old one, which is still like a thousand times faster than mine, and Kev said it would be fine to play LOTR, but I suspect it's a bit of a time sink, and writing comes first, so I will see.
It's only a time sink if you allow it to be. I still put my writing and my art ahead of my playing, which is why I only put in a few hours a week, and then only from September through May. My DH on the other hand doesn't have other outside activities, so he plays LOTRO for hours on end, days at a time. Much more than I do.

- Erulisse (one L)
I like contests because I like responding to prompts for my storylines (except for my H-verse stories).
When I began, when Kev got LOTRO, he played it for hours a day. I just wanted to walk around, as it was beautiful, but rp-ing with other slashers definitely would turn it into a time sink; it would be enormous fun. So I'll see. I go through phases where I play games.

I like contests because I like responding to prompts for my storylines

I tried that with the SWG, but then forgot about it. I felt as if almost every prompt I wrote could be written as
tens of thousands of words to tie into my 'verse, and maybe one day I will do that, but in general I can't write or read short fics unless they do tie into a longer series; I always wonder where the other 100,000 words are. d;-) I need meat.
I am guilty of that. Many of my contest pieces actually do fit into my H-verse as asides that wouldn't fit directly, other points of view of a situation that will be dealt with in the main draft, or as characters that I just can't go into but that are in play. There are exceptions, but things do tend to revolve around my little Feanorian glass worker :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
There are exceptions, but things do tend to revolve around my little Feanorian glass worker :-)

I know exactly what you mean. I can't write outside the DP verse, and don't want to, (Apart from Crucible but I love Esteliel's verse, and Van is partly in it in this crossover, lol) because it seems there is so much still to write, or expand on or fill in, or different characters viewpoints. Everything revolves around it when writing. But I did set out to write an AU that I could write completely within, so I'm quite happy to have got to that stage. :)

I was so lucky when I did that Help Pakistan to get requests to write of Van or in the 'verse, as I would have been stumped had I got something outside it. O_o

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Oh my, I can't imagine ever asking you to write anything that didn't include Van and Elgalad - the absolute hottest slash couple, followed closely by Glorfindel and Legolas, and Feanor and whoever happens to be within his range - LOL.

- Erulisse (one L)
Van Fan Forever!
Feanor and whoever happens to be within his range - LOL.

Lol. True that. d;-)

I'm glad the other bidders seemed to feel the same way!
Thanks ellynn. I'm enjoying writing a great deal, I just wish I was a better author. But, if practice makes perfect, then I'm practicing a lot :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
I've thought about LoTRO but I'm afraid solitaire is about the limit of my mad gaming skills, lol.

Besides, I am in the middle of yet another 'epic' which is demanding most of my time.
Epics are good. I have one that I'm working on, and another story that was supposed to be very short that is growing and has to be pruned :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
LotRO is stupidly addictive! My main toon is only level 34 bordering on 35 now, and being a freep I don't even have the quest packs for the North Downs, Evendim, Trollshaws and Angmar yet, so it's going to be a while before I get to the new ROI areas, but I'm quite excited all the same (that and figuring out the changes to Minstrel skills, which is quite fun).

May I ask what server you are playing on, and what characters? We could meet in-game at some point to say hello, might be fun. :D
LotRO is indeed a timesink and addictive - until or unless one has been thru the MMORPG process a few times. I play too - very sporadically, depending on what my Real Life™ is throwing me at the moment. Right now, I'm getting set to finally receive a cross-strung harp this Friday and start learning to play it, as well as other musical endeavors; so obviously I'm not ripping around Eriador much.

FWIW, Erulisse and I play on the Imladris server together sometimes. NiRi's there too, but even less often than I am. Look for Aearwen - she's my main character at level 40.
If you are on Imladris, there are a couple of us Tolkien fic writers there - and if you are into RP at all, there's an awesome kinship I could recommend! :)
LOTRO is addictive, but I've been playing it for more than four years now. Although my main characters are on Firefoot (which I'm not even sure is an open server any more) and I'll be working on those for a while to get them to the 75 cap, I do have two secondary characters on Imladris - Callethwin and Gwilleth (I'm not 100% sure that I'm spelling these right - it hasn't been a good spelling day - LOL). They are still in the early to mid level 30's.

I play with my DH who has a cadre of dwarves, and if Aearwen happens to be on, we often will play together and chat, catching up with our lives. I probably won't be back on Imladris except for skirmish events until I have capped Reahanel on Firefoot. Darn - that reminds me - I have to completely remake my Legendary weapons. What a PITA!

- Erulisse (one L)
If any of you play on Imladris, friend me and tell me your character name(s) and I'll add you to my friends list. I love meeting up with my f-list in-game.

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It took me almost 4 hours yesterday to get the game to connect to the patch server - but I still think I was among the first to make it onto the server. Was funny to see Bree completely empty. Then later, I got to listen to others on Skype also spending hours waiting for the game to finish patching. *g*

I just hope that this evening I'll be able to log in without problems. /o\

Ell is 55 now, so soon he'll get to visit the other elvish realms, yay!
My DH's new computer had that program downloaded and ready to go within 20 minutes. *sigh* It took my old computer considerably longer, but I am updated now and ready to work on my upgrade this weekend after I get home from the last day of Renaissance Fest.

Everyone is off in the new lands - they are CROWDED right now. Everyone trying to kill the same perps. It's kindof like it was when the game first went live so many years ago. Fun and annoying at the same time.

As for a kinship - I'd love to join, but I don't RP very well. Since my DH is quite deaf, we generally just do quests and skirmishes because he can't hear well enough to interact in-game. It is rare when I'm not playing with him since we are in the same room - each of us in one corner with about four feet of space (room for the printer) between us.

- Erulisse (one L)
Oh, yes, that was more meant for ladyelleth, I know you are not really into RP.

A couple people in chat keep linking the new clothes they stumble upon, which I like looking at (and seeing how it looks when dyed purple :D). But it will probably take me a few more weeks to get there.
Ah, my apologies :-) I used to be into RP, and probably would very much be if DH wasn't sitting right there, but he doesn't understand fantasy that way and trying to get his mind around it simply isn't worth the effort - LOL.

I always send thoughts your way whenever I'm in game tho.

- Erulisse (one L)