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Hear that ticking?

 Time is ticking away. The last thing that any of you need reminding about is that you're running out of time for preparation and purchase of your Holiday gifts. I run a slightly shorter time frame than many of you because I focus on Solstice gifts (even though I don't exchange gifts with my DH and some other friends until Xmas). I am beading every night, but I do have beta obligations for my two authors that cuts into my gift preparation time. I got my German author current last night. We have worked together for many months now and are quite comfortable with each other's style and schedule. My Portuguese author, on the other hand, is a new beta for me and one that I'm not sure I will keep on. I am not sure that I actually have the time to take on anther new author for a regular weekly beta. But I will finish the one-off that she sent to me and then re-evaluate. My time is pretty crowded so I may end up turning her down which would disappoint both of us.

Time ie ticking away...

I've been working on an E-newsletter for the shop announcing a two-day sale for next week. I've spent hours writing it. Then I handed it to my Manager who ripped my writing to shreds. He will end up re-writing the entire thing, and that's fine with me. He claims that I have no writing skills and wonders how on earth I managed to get my masters thesis written and accepted. I don't think that I am a poor writer, but I do think that my conversational style of writing is far different from his and that he wants to emphasize different points for this sale than I do. So I will let him write his text and we can merge points from there. I would let him compose on the go in the actual E-mailing program, but the program is a bit tricky and I don't need something sent out to people by accident. So he'll have to write in Word - something that he's not used to either. It will be an experience for him...good or bad. Just as long as I have something ready to send no later than Tuesday morning next week. Time is ticking away....
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