engarian (engarian) wrote,

Yes, I'm Envious...

So I picked up DH's new computer yesterday. I had it set up by 8:30 am and started working on getting his programs installed properly. It runs Win 7, so is more up-to-date than any of our other computers.

This means that I adminster computers running Win 98 (3 of them), Win XP (2 of them) and now Win 7 (1). (The pics today are two of the screen splash pics that I have on the computer - so pretty!)

Unfortunately, my Adobe Photoshop is too old to be recognized and installed on the Win 7 system. I use Photoshop daily and all of my web photos are manipulated through Photoshop. At some point I know I'll have to upgrade, but I can't afford it right now. I still can run it on my own computer as well as my laptop, just not on DH's computer now. I haven't tried installing my FrontPage on his computer yet. I'll try that on Monday. Without Photoshop it might be moot since I won't be able to do the graphics, but I should install it if I can.

It's a wicked fast computer, though. DH is in heaven playing his game - he's not getting any lag and his graphics are killer. Like I said - I'm envious - LOL. And tomorrow is Pirate Day at Ren Fest, along with their 2nd annual Rib Fest. DH has been saving money for this weekend for a couple of months. We're going to eat well (and I think I'll wear a different bodice for the sake of eating comfort - LOL). Have a great weekend.
Tags: computer, lotro, renaissance faire

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