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Today is a busy one, and I needed some good sleep. So I took two heavy-duty pain pills last night to make it through the night. Why pain pills for bronchitis? Because my coughs have managed to tear the muscles of my chest and it HURTS! Big time hurts.

So I needed to try and sleep without coughing. I feel better today, of course the narcotics are still in my system. I do have to be a bit careful because I need to drive quite a bit early this morning and the pills are still in my system. But I always was a fan of downers and my body likes them, so I think I'll be OK.

I pick up DH's new computer this morening around 7am. I'll be bringing both CPU's back so that we can be sure that everything is working properly before destroying and recycling the old CPU. I HAVE to find out where to take my recycleable electronics. ARGH.

After I get the new CPU home, I have to get everything set up and some of the secondary programs installed. This will be my first experience with Windows 7, so I hope I don't find it too confusing. My Guru likes it though, and went through some of the basics with me on Wednesday.

Finally, when programs are installed, I get to go to work. Sheesh!!!

And, of course, I'm still writing. I'm behind on my posting, though, so I'll try to catch up over the next week. I got a drabble posted yesterday that is getting good reviews, I'm working on the next monthly challenge which is forcing me to write "outside the box" and I just sent my latest ALEC contest piece out last night. Life is progressing. GOOD EQUINOX FOR ALL ON THIS AUSPICIOUS DAY. CELEBRATE UNWISELY! Welcome Autumn!

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You know, your symptoms are sounding more and more like my daughter's from last year, and she ended up being diagnosed with whooping cough. Huh.
Really? Wow, I thought whooping cough was extinct. I don't cough often, but just moved badly yesterday and re-injured my diaphragm muscles that had been already pulled earlier with my bronchitis. I think I just have to sleep seated for a while longer, and I think drugs for a few more nights might also help keep the cough under control. If I cough only rarely, the muscle can heal. I'll most certainly keep a close eye on it though. Whooping cough....amazing!

- Erulisse (one L)
First they told her it was bronchitis. Then they said it was a "bronchial spasm" from coughing so much. She started with all this around Thanksgiving, and didn't finally get it diagnosed as whooping cough until just before Christmas.

Actually, adult whooping cough is in an upsurge. Not good. Here's her comment: "Whatever it technically is, it is a bitch to get rid of! I still have some lung congestion and when I cough it still sounds deep and heavy. But the antibiotic did relieve the shortness of breath and constant coughing."
I'm glad you could get some sleep! My mom was sick a few weeks ago and was in such pain from the coughing bruising her chest muscles.
Oh yeah. Bruised chest muscles is NO fun! Fortunately I have some heavy-duty pain pills because my DH never takes them after he has surgery (prefers to "tough" things out - he is SUCH a dwarf - LOL). But it does give me a pharmacy to pull on in emergencies like last night was.

- Erulisse (one L)
I hope your Mom is feeling much better by now!
The same happened to me once (with coughing) so I know that it is really painful. Take care of yourself! *hugs*

And I'm glad to hear you progress with your writing. :)
Unbelievably painful and SO not fun. But yes, I am still writing like a mad woman. Deeply involved in the October LOTR Monthly Challenge which I am finding quite interesting to do, at least once.

- Erulisse (one L)
Oh, I've done that when I had pneumonia! *HUGS* Hope you get over all these symptoms quickly!!!!
I really hope I recover sometime this century - LOL. I get sick VERY rarely, so I make a really lousy patient. Thanks for the good wishes, I'm taking each one and reminding the Spirits that it's good karma for me and that I should be recovered already - LOL.

- Erulisse (one L)