engarian (engarian) wrote,

I'll Be Envious...

So, yesterday I wrote about my DH's computer woes. I brought the CPU to my computer guru and we looked it over, discussed things, and agreed that it was probably the mother board - non-repairable. Our computers are old and long in the tooth, so it's not a surprise.

Dale had prepared a couple of quotes for me for a new computer, and we reviewed the pros and cons of each component and decided on what I wanted in a build.

DH wrote the check last night and I'll pick his new computer up tomorrow (Friday) morning. I would have been able to get it yesterday afternoon (Dale works fast - 11,000+ computer builds makes him pretty competent), but since I wanted an odd type of Windows Office because of programs that I use often, I had to wait one more day. I'll be picking up the new and the old tomorrow (Dale will have moved all of the data over to the new system already, but I'll still have to get a few programs installed). It'll be a screaming machine and I know I'll be terribly jealous, but my computer (so far) is working fine so I'll stick with it for as long as I can.

This bronchitis just won't leave. I still have to sleep sitting up or I cough all night, my sinuses are still draining, basically - although I am better, I am nowhere close to being cured. *sigh* I am SO over this cold.
Tags: computer, sick

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