engarian (engarian) wrote,

Computer Issues

DH got a new graphic board put in back in March. It's dying, so I have a phone call in to my Computer Guru to find out when I can drop the CPU by for a fix.

LOTRO has the new Isenguard update downloading on Monday and DH is determined to play it. Without a computer, it won't happen. So I phoned my guru last night, leaving a message asking him to phone me anytime after 5 am. I have a chiro appointment and a doctor appt this morning, so hopefully Dale won't call when I'm in with them. But if I could get this fixed today I'd be very happy.

I wanted Dale to make me a new computer this year, but had to spend the money on auto repairs instead, so I'm pushing the build off until next year instead. Hopefully I can get my credit card paid off quickly and resume life.

But life next year is not looking happy. Without Chickie, and it's looking pretty sure that we just won't be able to afford keeping her after the end of the year, we'll have to work all of the shifts. I'm really pushing for a five day week. But DH doesn't want to change our hours and wants to be open for six days. Since we can't have the store operated with only a single person, that means I'll be working six days a week and you can call me EXTREMELY UNHAPPY. No...actually...THAT'S AN UNDERSTATEMENT. Call me very cranky and you'll have it. This battle will be fought for months because I am unwilling to sacrifice every free minute I have for NOTHING! Yeah....UNHAPPY!
Tags: attitude, chickie, computer, lotro, temper

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