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So, I ended up joining throneland because heartofoshun  was a member and the challenges, which are graphic and writing, seemed fun.  Now, I'm not a major fan of the books, but I'm slogging my way through them because they are at least keeping my interest.  So, our first challenges were issued this week.  I did the following five sig blocks, (I'm a member of Team Stark in case you couldn't guess), and then did three Diamonte poems.  

Sansa Sig Arya with Knife Sig Sam and Jon Sig Arya Sig Catelyn Sig
So, for the Diamonte poem format, you choose two opposing views, or items, on in my case, characters.  The name of the item becomes Line 1 with it's opposite in Line 7.  Lines 2 and 6 are two adjectives describing the subject, Lines 3 and 5 are three words ending with -ing that tell something about the subject, and Line 4 consists of four words, the first two describing the beginning subject, the second two describing the ending subject.  I have no idea how well I did, I am a poet who prefers metered and rhyming poetry, but I composed the following three:  

maiden, obedient
training, adoring, questing
stubborn seeker, honorable leader
desiring, questioning, slaying
incestuous, maimed

competent, trusting
focusing, traveling, mourning
children flying, child tethered
smothering, mothering, entrenching
incompetent, jealous

traitor, loveless
smothering, scheming, calculating
social climber, King slayer
fighting, loving, leading
honorable, warrior

So, this is what I spent Monday doing - LOL.  

- Erulisse (one L)
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