engarian (engarian) wrote,

Done With Meds

So the cough syrup is finished, the last antibiotic capsule has been taken, and although I still have 70 doses of inhalent left, there were a lot of doses all around for that and I'm breathing fine.

I slept all night in my own bed last night, and realized that turning over with my bruised rib really hurts! Ouch. But, I made it all night, so I'm happy.

MEFA has kindly started posting the reviews in batches over to LJ and I'm delighted. That's exactly the kick-start I needed to review some of these myself, as well as a short list of fics that I want to read or revisit. I'm pleased. I have a new drabble challenge to work on today, I did two banners and three diamonte poems yesterday (diamonte poems are a rather bizarre format, but challenging), but still have more banners that I want to do before posting all of this, so I'm playing happily with Photoshop, writing when I can, and trying to ignore my daily life. I'll be posting two drabbles and a short fictlet on my ErulisseDances LJ tonight to get back up to date.
Tags: art, sleep, writing

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