engarian (engarian) wrote,

Thanks for the Wishes...

 We had a very nice, low-key anniversary. I picked up sushi on the way home, so we had a nice dinner and a relaxing evening. I still can't sleep lying down, so I'm still stuck sleeping in the recliner, but at least I am getting sleep. Not enough to get over this bronchitis, but sleep.  I have two more pills to go on the antibiotics and then I supposedly should be cured. I'm not, but it's a LOT better. Tomorrow we have Ren Faire again, and hopefully it won't be too cold and windy. We only have three weekends left and as we go along now, it will be more into autumn and colder.

Here's a lovely autumn pic for all of you. It is my favorite season and I love the colors and promises that autumn brings to us.

Tags: dh, seasons, sick

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