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 My LJ friends have been posting a meme on 15 authors that have influenced you in no particular order and within a tight time frame without second-guessing or changing.  So, I'm game to try...

JRR Tolkien (of course...)
Ayn Rand (also, of course)
Anne McCaffrey (doesn't everyone want their own fire lizard?)
Walt Whitman
Cecelia Holland (Floating Worlds is the book - read it!)
Robert Heinlein
Arthur C Clarke
Marion Zimmer Bradley
Hermann Hesse (that would be Siddhartha)
Barbara Hambly (one of the first "human" wizards in a cross-dimensional story.  Loved it then, still love it.)
William Shakespeare
Janet Evanovich (just for the fun of it - her Stephanie Plum character is TOO FUN)
Andy Goldsworthy (yes, it is art books, but WHAT art books!  They leave me breathless.)
Gary Gygax (Dungeons and Dragons, anyone?  We started with the original xeroxed sheets in the mid-1970's)
Weis and Hickman (the beginnings of the Dragonlance saga - what a world they started)

Did I finish in the time frame?  I don't really know since I am not a clock watcher.  And obviously there are a lot more books that those from these few authors in my more than 10,000 volumes, but these 15 I do truly love.  

- Erulisse (one L)
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Hah, I've read the first three Stephanie Plum books - they were sitting in the OR lounge, and I read them between cases at various points. Fun character, and you don't have to pay too terribly much attention to the plot. :)
Oh yes. I have one bedroom that is totally books on three walls. My DH made hinged 2-layer bookshelves for two of those walls so we doubled our space. There are bookcases completely down the hallway on one wall. The spare bedroom has bookcases on two of the four walls and I actually need to make/get higher ones for this room because I'm WAY out of room. And then there are one or two bookcases in the master bedroom and in the computer room, as well as in the craft room (although that room focuses on craft technique and image books and magazines only). I would love to cull back on my paperpbacks - most of those we really don't need any more. But I am a book addict. And I'm not looking for a 12-step program to eliminate my book addiction at all :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
1-step program - get yourself an e-reader!

I have loads, never counted them, here and at my parents' in Spain, never counted them. Here in England I have no more space, I really need to get rid of those I'm unlikely to ever read again.
I'm seriously looking at getting a Nook - if for no other reason than I could have all 12 volumes of HoME in a very small space and could shelve my hardcopies. But there is somethins lovely about paper and large pictures in my art books. I love books. I blame my father who taught me respect for the written word as well as had me reading way above my grade level as soon as possible. Books have always been my very BEST friends and I think that they always will be (with a natural extension to fanfic and ocmputer books, of course).

- Erulisse (one L)
I have most of her books on audio, they are wonderful to listen to while I'm on the treadmill. But they are a quick and easy read and her characters are so fun. Love that Ranger "Babe...." and finding out how many cars and in what manner she can destroy them each volume.

- Erulisse (one L)