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 My LJ friends have been posting a meme on 15 authors that have influenced you in no particular order and within a tight time frame without second-guessing or changing.  So, I'm game to try...

JRR Tolkien (of course...)
Ayn Rand (also, of course)
Anne McCaffrey (doesn't everyone want their own fire lizard?)
Walt Whitman
Cecelia Holland (Floating Worlds is the book - read it!)
Robert Heinlein
Arthur C Clarke
Marion Zimmer Bradley
Hermann Hesse (that would be Siddhartha)
Barbara Hambly (one of the first "human" wizards in a cross-dimensional story.  Loved it then, still love it.)
William Shakespeare
Janet Evanovich (just for the fun of it - her Stephanie Plum character is TOO FUN)
Andy Goldsworthy (yes, it is art books, but WHAT art books!  They leave me breathless.)
Gary Gygax (Dungeons and Dragons, anyone?  We started with the original xeroxed sheets in the mid-1970's)
Weis and Hickman (the beginnings of the Dragonlance saga - what a world they started)

Did I finish in the time frame?  I don't really know since I am not a clock watcher.  And obviously there are a lot more books that those from these few authors in my more than 10,000 volumes, but these 15 I do truly love.  

- Erulisse (one L)
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