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Studio Day and Laurie King

So today is my day off (although I have a long list of errands to accomplish) and tonight I'll meet the Chickie at my local Barnes & Noble for an author event with Laurie King.

If you're not familiar with Ms King's work, I know her through her marvelous Mary Russell character who is married to Sherlock Holmes (it rather sounds like fanfic, doesn't it?). The only difference between her Mary Russell series and the fanfic that I read daily is that she publishes in hard copy and gets paid, those of us who write in the Tolkien universe write in cyber-space and receive no remuneration at all. *sigh* - That's me - going the way of no money again - LOL. But it is Tolkien's universe that I love working in, so I paved my own road many, many years ago. She has a new pirate book and that, I assume, is why she is on a book tour. I have a feeling it won't be a Q&A session, but I would be quite curious about her opinions on fanfic since, in essence, that's what she is writing.

After listening to Ms King, we'll proceed to Baker's Square for a nice dinner and free pie. It's hard to beat "Free Pie Wednesday" for a nice mid-week dinner.

I tried sleeping in bed last night. I made it one hour before I gave up and returned to my seated position on the recliner. But, at least I tried. I'll keep trying, it will happen successfully one of these nights.
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