engarian (engarian) wrote,

Catching Up and Slowing Down

We had a wonderful time at Ren Fest yesterday. Usually there is banter at the front gate before opening, but since it was the 10th anniversary of September 11th, things were more solem. We sang Irish and Scottish funerary songs instead.

It was beautiful and unique - instead of the standard musical selections that I'm sure were chosen across the nation. I didn't want to get totally wrapped up in September 11th memories, so I was happy to spend the day at the Fest.

It was Highland Fling weekend - the annual Highland Games were being staged. That meant that I was in the special events area from noon until 5:30 pm. We watched the caber toss (men's and women's), hammer throw (also men's and women's) and the stone throw for height (which went to over 15 foot high - very impressive). We also watched two rounds of competitive Scottish dancing, a folk dancing demonstration, and the annual Kilt Contest (check those pleats...LOL). Over many years of watching men in kilts, I have decided there are two types. Those who wear the kilt, and those who are worn by the garment. The men who look totally fabulous in their kilts are the ones who are so comfortable in them that they are practically a second skin. Yummy!

I looked over the celtic and gothic lap and floor harps shown by one of our local harp manufacturers. Drool! I really want a lap harp. But $1000 for a harp...No. I need to come in at 1/3 of that cost. So I'll have to keep looking and see what I can find.

I went to bed early since I am still sick, but morning still came too soon. Anyone want to work for me today so that I can go back to bed? Yeah....well it was worth a try :-)
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