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So, my Assistant Manager finally kicked me out of the shop yesterday telling me to go to Urgent Care and get some meds. After waiting for an hour (thank goodness for my Nook)

I was taken in and am now the proud possessor of an inhalor to be used every four hours during the day, an antibiotic 2x/day and a codeine cough syrup to let me sleep overnight. As for sleeping...I gave up on my bed at midnight, took my things into our study and slept in the recliner for the night. It wasn't the perfect solution, but at least I did get a few hours of sleep. I'm wiped out, though.

I should buy stock in Kleenex, as many as I'm running through on an average day. I'd be a rich woman - LOL. I feel like Typhoid Mary. Even though I'm not contageous any more, I still end up with space around me in crowded rooms. Come to think of it - that could be an advantage - LOL. I hope all of you have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend ahead of you.
Tags: nook, sick

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