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A Royal Wedding

 I remember Diana and Charles' wedding. I, like millions of Americans, woke up very early (I wasn't keeping such extreme hours in those days) and sat, glued to the television, while this fairy-tale wedding took place. And now there will be another wedding in the British Royal family - William and Kate. These two have a chance - they have at least known each other for many years now and have split once a few years ago, only to decide that they couldn't live without each other. So once again we get to be inundated with "the dress", "the venue", and "the guest list". There will be the obligatory kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace and the procession through the city. I wish them the very best - they make a very cute couple (and she has wonderful fashion sense). I'll probably be up watching this wedding too, and I will hope that I won't have to watch things fall apart several years later as happened to both his father and his uncle.

Charles and Diana

I loved the fairy-tale wedding of
Charles and Diana. And just
look at her bouquet. It's a good
thing she didn't have to toss that!

I did get a lot of work on holiday gifts done yesterday, at the expense of two stories that I am beta reading for some of my authors. I'll have to work on Iris's story tonight, but that's just a final run-through before release for posting. Sadie's story is more intense - lots more red in this one. I'm still deciding whether or not I am willing to take her on. At this time of the year, when my time is so limited, I actually think I'll have to turn her down. It is in a period of assessment for both of us, so we'll see. But I feel that I probably can't accept another ESL author - it is just too difficult to beta because of differing thought processes and word orders. ESL authors take a lot of extra time.
They're talking about toning down the wedding due to 'austerity measures', which I see, but I don't think that one will fly. I think because it's a bad period, people will *want* to see the carriages, the processions, the huge cathedral, etc, etc, but we'll see I suppose.

Kate is far more poised and mature than Diana when she got engaged. She even has a lawyer with her at all times, and has obviously been drilled not to put a foot wrong, but as you say, these two have known each other a long time, and are clearly comfortable together, which is cute. I love the fact William gave her Diana's ring.
I was also pleased that William gave her Diana's ring. It's such a beautiful stone and suits her well. Security will be one of the major expenses of this wedding - all of this is happening post-9/11 and we live in a much different world now. There are orcs abroad once again...

- Erulisse (one L)
Oh, gosh yes. Security will be huge. Kev was telling me last night that Europe is expecting a Mumbai-style attack, not if, but when :( .
I have to wonder if the security will be so tight it might be a much less public wedding, in the light of that. Some-one determined could easily get into the crowds. Remember how huge they were at Charles and Di's? I doubt the royals have the last say in it, even if they wanted to.