engarian (engarian) wrote,

Fighting a Cold...

I don't get sick because I have no time to get sick. But yesterday I awakened with a sore throat that had similarities to hot needles placed in the left side of my throat. Comfortable? NO!

Today, the throat is better, but I have a runny nose and general malaise. Oh, and a small cough at the back of my throat comes out sporadically. *sigh*

I have today and tomorrow off to clean the house, have my studio day, and hopefully get the laundry done. DH said he would vaccuum the kitchen and livingroom tonight when he gets home from work, so that's good. But all I want to do is crawl back into bed and try and sleep this off. I can't indulge in that, although I may allow myself to have a nap for an hour while doing laundry.

I'll be recovered by the time Sharon arrives tomorrow evening, but I hope my energy levels perk back up then also. Right now I don't have a lot :-(
Tags: housecleaning, sharon, sleep

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