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So, my house is still a mess although DH said he might vaccuum for me (which would be very kind). The kitchen isn't too bad, just a bit messy at the table we use to eat at, mostly consisting of newspapers that I'm still catching up with reading while I eat and small bits of the mail that I need to review and shred.

Dusting - well, that really needs to be done, but I'm not so sure it will actually happen. The computer room is bad, but it's been worse in its time. The den still irks me. I've been trying to get that room finished for what seems like forever. I really want to get to this room within the next day. I'm giving my self two days to clean - Wednesday and Thursday. Sharon arrives Thursday night, so I need things ready by then. Most of the house will be fine, and we really don't spend a lot of time in the house, we're at the Fair and at the Renaissance Festival, etc., but we return to sleep and to leave from her in the mornings, so a bit of cleaning is necessary. *sigh* I really hate housecleaning...
Tags: housecleaning, mn state fair, renaissance faire, sharon

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