engarian (engarian) wrote,

How I Spent My Weekend...

While so many of my friends were dealing with Hurricane Irene, I, although feeling a bit guilty for our nice weather, was at the State Fair on Saturday night and the Renaissance Fest for Sunday. So, for those of you digging out of tree branches and debris and dealing with water issues who might happen to read my blog, here is life away from the coast. Your lives will return to normal too, I'm sure, and I'm grateful that my friends on the Coast seem to have survived in good shape, for the most part.

So...we went to the State Fair on Saturday night, taking Park 'n Ride. I love Park 'n Ride, we're close to the Fair so it's at no cost, it is door-to-door service in essence, and so incredibly convenient. After taking a quick look at the beadwork in Creative Activities, I got my first foot-long hot dog of this year's Fair. Yummy!!! I always have to start out with a foot long, everything else is gravy after that - LOL. I followed it up with a Pink Grapefruit Gelato, three mini-donuts (gave the rest to DH since I'm not that big a fan of sweet), some Fresh French Fries (not as crispy as they usually should be), a Raspberry Malt - so good!!! We looked at several potential food items, but either shelved them for this coming weekend, or decided that Sharon and I would probably try them first and give our opinion later. Here's a pic of a smaller Ferris Wheel at sunset for all of you.

Then, on Sunday, we let ourselves sleep a bit later than usual, arriving at Ren Fest an hour later than our norm. It was worth it, we really needed the sleep and walking on asphalt and pavement the night before was so hard on our aging bodies - LOL. We wandered the Fest, and I had some lovely eye candy from the lead singer in a guest band from Kansas City. So, I offer up for you, a pic of pecs and a look at the glorious and subtely colored foam from my Guinness. Life is good.

This week I work Monday and Tuesday, clean house with the day off for Wednesday and Thursday (my friend Sharon arrives Thursdat afternoon) and then we will do the Fair for three days and Ren Fest for one, and she leaves on Tuesday. I can hardly wait for our annual "End of Summer" walk-a-thon and festivities!
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