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Busy Working and Writing

Yesterday Chickie took the day off to attend the first day of the Minnesota State Fair, so Jim and I worked. I had a lovely quartet of ladies in the morning, one of who was local but the other three were from the East. They kept us hopping for more than an hour, but it was worth it, they made my sales for the day. Huge "Thank You"s go out to the Spirits for bringing those ladies to visit with us.

I think I'm in love with this little rabbit...too cute!
I was so busy yesterday that I barely had a chance to work on my computer and my next chapters. I'm concerned that my character is walking down a road that I had never intended, and I'm not sure it works with her profile. So I'm trying to get my beta reader up to date so that I can bounce this off her and get a second opinion. I would talk about it with my DH, but he persists in trying to mold the story to his own internal image and can't seem to get the idea through his head that it is my story and needs to be clear to my own vision. I hope I'll get a bit more time to work on stories today, I have a monthly story to write also and have two ideas floating around for that one but need to make a decision.

Is my life a maze?

So that seems to be my life this week - working hard, hardly working, writing a lot, wanting to change what I've written. Am I running in place or what?
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